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Jul 28, 2016 9:05 AM

Hemp Beer Is Major Success in California

Hemp has been included in a number of products for a long time. Today, food with hemp extracts is not something unusual. However, a new trend of brewing beer on hemp seeds and extracts was somewhat unexpected at first.

Hemp Beer

More and more breweries include this amazing product in their formulation. One of the recent additions to the list is Thorn Street Brewery that is based in San Diego. The company's new OG HighPA beer includes hemp extracts that add some piney and citrusy hints to the flavor of the beer. Thorn Street Brewery uses the combination of Citra, Columbus, and Mosaic hops. The beverage also has a 4.20 alcohol percentage.

It is believed that the first batch was created at the end of April by the co-founders of the new beer line—Eric O’Connor and Jetty Extracts. The co-founder company Jetty Extracts is also a well-known producer of marijuana oil products. Later in May, the beer was officially released, and it immediately gained popularity among the citizens of San Diego.

Eric O’Connor claims that the company is eager to experiment with flavors and create unique beer. The taste of the beverage determines the quality and popularity of it, and the hemp extracts blend really well with the existent hops. The man mentions that despite the delicacy of the taste, the balance of flavors is great, and the smell is unmistakeable. Besides, he wants to be on the cutting edge of craft beer and leads the company to this goal.

According to O'Connor, the whole story with hemp beer started when the company's assistant brewer met with the owner of Jetty Extracts, Matt Lee. Later, Lee came to the Thorn Street Brewery with a brilliant idea. The man brought some oils that he had recently created to see whether they would work with beer. It turned out that the combination of hemp and beer was exactly the new taste that the brewery needed. The crew made a test run on 4/20 and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Then, the brewery started their search for the perfect summer flavor. The crew needed something crispy and refreshing, something that would interest customers the most. The company wanted to use Mosaic and Citra hops and after further testing decided to go ahead with the idea and make the perfect summer hemp beer. Besides, O'Connor says that such success can be explained by the similarity of the essential oils found in cannabis plants and hops. That is why this combination creates the perfect flavor and unique beer.

Besides, the OG HighPA beer includes no THC, so it is not psychoactive. This way, you can simply enjoy the taste and not worry about other effects. However, if you are eager to add a little THC spice to your beer evening, you can combine the two yourself.

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The creators of OG HighPA beer are glad that their idea has been a major success among the customers and cannot wait to create something new.