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Apr 9, 2016 5:10 PM

Hemp Shoes: From Classic to Hippie. What Style Would You Prefer?

Hemp textile has existed for many centuries, and today, accessories from hemp are becoming increasingly trendy. If you look at the cutting-edge designs of the latest hemp shoes, you will definitely want to get a pair to celebrate the 4/20 day.

Hemp Shoes

Hemp has many advantages over cotton: it is more environmentally friendly, it grows faster, and it is warmer and stronger. Thanks to its rugged qualities, hemp is the ideal material for creating fashion-forward footwear. The Swoosh brand produces its special hemp shoes to commemorate past events, while TOMS is fond of its hemp slip-ons. Like other shoe makers, Nike also got into the 420 spirit and announced the release of its new shoes made entirely out of hemp before April 20.

Here you will find the most impressive styles of hemp shoes that will make your stand out from the crowd on the 4/20 day. As for me, I feel especially proud of my cannabis lifestyle when I pass by the closest marijuana dispensary to me in my new hemp slip-ons.

Tubular X Mens by Adidas

These funky hemp shoes come from Adidas Originals. They were designed for real men. You will be impressed by their serious lift and masculine personality. Having this hemp footwear on, you will be walking the streets like Marty McFly in his futuristic shoes from Back to the Future 2. Upon visiting the company's official site, you can purchase Tubular X Mens for $119.95.

Hemp Sandals by Nomadic State of Mind

Nomadic State of Mind has created its Hemp Sandals to inspire you for new adventures. These handmade sandals consist of hemp rope that is wrapped in different ways around your toes and ensures you a nomadic state of mind wherever you go. You can choose from a great variety of available models that will keep you both stylish and environmentally friendly.

The Bali SF by Vans

The Bali SF by Vans is one of the coolest pairs of shoes made out of hemp. The footwear looks very comfy and solid and is available in different colors with reggae-inspired details. Visit the Vans official website to purchase these natural shoes for just $52.

TOMS Hemp-Friendly Shoes

TOMS is famous for its environmentally friendly footwear for both men and women. You have probably heard about its philanthropic program such as “buy one, give one” that provides children in need with shoes. Besides, the company does not use any animal by-products, which makes its products ideal for vegan consumers. You will fall in love with these hippie-style hemp slip-ons from the first step.

CVT-Hemp Shoes by Vibram

Vibram offers its customers probably the ugliest shoes ever created. This five-finger toe footwear has a casual minimalistic design and ensures breathable walking for your feet. Wearing CVT-Hemp shoes, you will feel so comfortable that you will think you are barefoot. Perhaps, this hemp footwear is not the sexiest pair of shoes, but you will definitely be inspired for running through the forest and breathing in the fresh air.

Sidewalk Suffers by Sanuk

Sanuk offers you the most fashionable hemp footwear that will ease your suffering in a large city. When you wear Sidewalk Suffers, your feet can breathe and walk many miles without any signs of tiredness. The Sanuk hemp shoes look casual but cool, revealing its fashion in its kushy comfort. Cannabis walkers can buy this great traveling footwear for just $60 on the company's official site.

Waveoff Lace to Toe Oxford by Simple

These hemp shoes have a classic design of an Oxford shoe that distinguishes them from other hemp footwear. The manufacturer has combined leather and hemp to create a casual look of the classic model for everyday wearing. The Simple shoes are totally sustainable and will underline your hemp-friendly lifestyle for just $62.97.