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Mar 23, 2016 8:02 AM

Herbalizer, a Futuristic Vaporizer

For those of you who care not only about the practical side of the things but also about style and fun, Herbalizer is a perfect thing to buy. Not only it looks like a UFO right from the X-Files series, but it also uses a light bulb as a heating source. Isn't it cool?

Herbalizer, a Futuristic Vaporizer

Source: Herbalizer

Beautiful machine

Herbalizer does not look like other vaporizers; it is entirely unique and astonishingly stylish. And according to its inventor Josh Young, it was meant to be instantaneous, precise, and overall it had to be beautiful.

You probably know the feeling when after a few puffs your head starts to buzz with some ingenious ideas and great innovations. You may think of various kinds of improvements on existing ideas, get a fresh idea on how to go about creating a piece of art, or maybe finally understand how to solve some problems that were worrying you for a while. In short, marijuana gives you a genuine burst of creativity that you can, at times, channel into making something novel and exciting. Surely, you had this experience at least once if you are not a complete newbie to the world of cannabis.

We can only guess what kind of ideas may come to a truly engineering kind of mind; maybe this wonderful device was also one of these epiphanies, who knows? But if you look close at the Herbalizer, you will notice how wonderfully it combines usability and elegant design.

Instant heat

Designed by American engineers, Herbalizer is both fast and effective. We know just a few other vaporizers that can be ready to use just in five seconds or even less. The thing is, it uses a tiny 300-watt halogen lamp as a heating source. Yes, the light bulb is of the same kind we use for lighting in our apartments (and our marijuana gardens, too). But in this case, this is a very small compact bulb that can heat very fast. As anyone who ever used halogen lamps for lighting knows, a 300-watt device can easily provide enough heat to melt most plastics at several inches distance.

Josh Young insists that the outside surface of the light bulb in the Herbalizer can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is, in fact, twice the temperature required for your vaporizer to work properly and be effective. Indeed, it is quite convenient that the device is so powerful, but it also has another side: in theory, it is possible to get your vaporizer overheated, so it is better to turn on the lamp only when needed, and only for the time you are really using it, not any longer.

Sure, vaporizing weed in not rocket science or quantum chromodynamics; basically, you can put some herb on pretty much any hot surface (like a frying pan) and voila, a basic vaporizer is ready to use. But at some point, this way of vaporizing starts to remind washing clothes with your hands—what is the point of doing it and applying so much effort when there is already a machine that can do it for you and, let us be honest, can do it much better.

Of course, when the technology—any technology—is still in its early stages of development, it often has strange glitches and quirks that sometimes can be incredibly frustrating to the early adopters. With vaporizers, one of the most unbearable disadvantages is the need to wait for the device to reach its working temperature. If you ever waited for a minute or even more while your vaporizer is getting ready to start, or if you know what it is like to wait between draws because your vaporizer needs to reheat, then you can truly appreciate the ability of the Herbalizer to get heated and operational almost instantaneously.

Vaporize smarter

If you wonder about the inner workings of the Herbalizer, there is no big secret. There is a small heat sensor located between the safety screen and the halogen lamp. The sensor measures the temperature of the hot air just before it flows into the bowl. Usually, the device operates at temperatures between 290 and 445 degrees Fahrenheit. That is more than enough. You would not want the temperatures to go any higher: once you go above 451 degrees, smoke and noxious gasses like CO and CO2 start to appear. The machine holds the chosen temperature steadily with a 5-degree tolerance.

This kind of precision in regulating temperature makes the Herbalizer a unique vaping device that opens a wide range of new possibilities for the user. With its help, you can consume your cannabis in a significantly smarter manner and discover the whole new world of the cannabinoid's potential granularity.

Let us give you an example of what we are talking about. You may start your morning using a lower temperature setting so that you can get the exact amount of energetic and uplifting sensation of the strain that could be much heavier and get you much higher otherwise. Later, during the day, you may increase temperature to let the other cannabinoids open themselves in full potency. The higher the temperature, the heavier the “high" effect you get. And with Herbalizer, you can control exactly what you get and, therefore, get what you want.

In theory, you can even put Herbalizer on the boiling point for a while, so you release the psychoactive compounds of the hush. If you up to experience the psychoactive effect, you can vaporize your hush at this moment too, though you should do it very carefully. If you are looking to unleash the tremendous medical value of your cannabis, let all the THC boil off, so the cannabidiol compound may reveal itself in a full potency. This way, the weed can help you handle epileptic seizures, chronic pain, and other conditions.

In short, the Herbalizer (as some other vaporizers) gives you an incredible versatility in consuming marijuana. With some on-hand experience, you will find out which temperatures are the best for your needs. Just remember that there is no such thing as the optimal temperature; it will depend heavily primarily on the kind of effects you want to achieve and on the strain you are using. It is a matter of common sense that practice makes perfect, and you will acquire the skill of selecting the best temperatures while using the vaporizer.

Vaporizing your food

Apart from classic way of using the vaporizer, Herbalizer offers another way of enriching your everyday routine: you can try to vaporize your meal. This may sound a little strange but, in fact, vaporizing your food might be a great idea.

The thing is, it is mostly the odor molecules that help our brain to decide whether some food item is tasty or not. If you have doubts about this, just remember the feeling you get when you pass by a baker's tent: You have not tried the food yet, but your mind is already quite sure that it must be extremely tasty if it smells like this.

You can use the vaporizer to harness the power of this physiological mechanism. You can place your food into an airtight container and then just add the smell of your favorite marijuana strain. It is better to experiment with hot food, though cold foods should mostly work too. You can, for example, infuse the weed aroma into your pizza or into some smashed potatoes. Using this method, you will be able to turn a traditional meal into a brand-new experience you will certainly like. Quite smart, eh?

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