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Apr 7, 2017 12:05 PM

High Wedding: What Strains to Choose

Weed weddings are gaining popularity right now, and the industry is picking up on that. Every day, new services that can assist you in organizing your special weed day are appearing in the country. One of the examples is the Cannabis Wedding Expo—one of the most unusual marriage-themed events in the U.S. It offers its help to 420-friendly couples that want to include their favorite recreational substance in the celebration to make the party unforgettable.

Cannabis Wedding Expo to Be Held in Portland
Cannabis Wedding Expo to Be Held in Portland
Most pot-friendly couples benefit from smoking weed: it can eliminate anxiety, improve your sex life, and help you open up emotionally. Since marijuana enthusiasts have much in common, some of them decide to marry each other. Although a wedding is always stressful, weed can make both the couple and the guests more relaxed. Are you already planning a marijuana-style marriage celebration? A pot wedding expo is ready to help!

This expo is a rare chance to consult with specialists. However, if you have no opportunity or desire to visit similar gatherings, we can help you select a few strains that will suit your wedding the most. Choosing top-notch weed is the key to a rocking party. Depending on the type of ceremony you wish to have, you can either choose the relaxing and mellow indicas or resort to the active and energetic sativas.

Wedding Cake

The most obvious choice for this kind of celebration is the Wedding Cake strain. This way, you will have two cakes at your wedding. The name alone suits the atmosphere. Besides, this weed is also high-quality. It provides you with an energetic, euphoric high. The plant is also great for stress relief, which means it can be used to prevent wedding jitters. The potency of this strain is high‪—25% of THC.

Pineapple Express

The famous Pineapple Express strain is a perfect match for an active wedding. It is uplifting and fresh. The plant brings you euphoria and happiness that are so important at every party. Besides, the flowers are full of wonderful aromas that will add a “tasty” touch to your wedding.

Jack Herer

Another herb for a dynamic evening is Jack Herer. This sativa-dominant strain brings us cerebral elevation and fills our bodies with energy. However, you have to be careful with this one and pay attention to the provided dosage—the plant is incredibly potent and may cause some side effects in inexperienced users. The potency of this herb is 23-25 percent of THC.

Jack Herer Strain Review
Jack Herer Strain Review
Today's star of our review is the Jack Herer strain. This sativa-dominant strain is as famous as its namesake—a person who wrote The Emperor Wears No Clothes and is an avid cannabis activist.

Purple Jack

The cross between Jack Herer and Purple Kush will suit the fans of its famous father. It has similar effects but gives you a more relaxed, low-key high. It is a perfect choice for an evening party, when you are tired and ready to calm down. The flavor is rich, piney, and sweet at the same time.

Love Potion

What can suit a wedding better than a product named Love Potion? Besides, there is no marriage without love. So, bring an actual piece of it to the reception. It is a sativa-dominant strain with magnificent flowery notes. Besides, the taste contains a citrus flavor that will add freshness to the day. If your wedding is in summer, a little bit of sourness is what you need.

Purple Passion

Just like love, passion is the necessary companion of the newlyweds. So, include it into your married life as early as the wedding. Mind that this strain is indica-dominant and can give you a heavy body sensation. At the same time, it is highly inspiring. It acts carefully and does not overwhelm you. Purple Passion suits the end of the reception perfectly. After this high, your guests can leave you for a good night sleep with contentment in their hearts. You, as newlyweds, had better be careful with heavy indicas on this day—a night of passion is waiting for you. To make your intimate life diverse and unforgettable, you can resort to the most arousing marijuana strains.

10 Arousing Weed Strains for Unforgettable Sex
10 Arousing Weed Strains for Unforgettable Sex
Experiencing a delightful marijuana high, you may notice that some strains of weed can activate your senses, including the sense of touch that arouses sexual desire. But if you want to improve your sexual life, you should also understand that diversity is a key factor in this matter.

There are many ways to include cannabis in your wedding—from a weed bar to a cannabis-decorated arch or bouquets. It is all up to you.

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