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Apr 28, 2016 5:50 PM

Honey and Weed? Make Best Blunt of Your Life With Any Skunk Strain

Now, when cannahoney is growing more and more popular, the combination of marijuana and honey becomes a new trend in the cannabis community. This mix is not only delicious but useful as well. In addition to the newest marijuana trend—cannahoney—we have discovered one more unusual combination that can help you create the perfect roll.

Honey and Weed

We have mentioned cannahoney before, in our article “Cannahoney is Evolution of Weed Edibles.” It is a natural product that combines all useful properties of sweet honey and potent weed. Its creator has proved that this natural bee's product can amplify the useful medical properties of weed. Of course, cannahoney is a good choice of weed edibles to buy, but there are also other ways to combine these two products and get the most out of them. You can simply make a weed roll that will contain honey. If you think that this combination is destined to spoil your smoke, you are very wrong. Your experience will be sweet, pleasurable, and long-lasting. And if you choose such flavorful skunk strains as Cherry Skunk, for example, you will get both tasty and sweet-scented smoke. The following are the instructions on how to make the best blunt in your life. Follow them and get a quality roll fast and easy.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • herbs
  • blunt or cigar wrap
  • honey
  • a paper filter (optional)

Right now, you need to remember the basics of your roll-making knowledge.

If you decide to use a paper filter for this blunt, you need to start with it first. There are many types of filters and filter tips. There are raw and cardboard filters, pre-creased filter papers, cone filters, etc. Choose the one you like the most. You just need to start folding the tip of the pre-creased spots back and forth. Then roll the rest of the paper from the other end and then re-roll the whole paper in a way that the folded part appears inside of the roll. Voila! The filter is ready.

The next step is to fill your paper with marijuana. Make sure that the plant is well ground. The paper has to be open but kept curved. This way, the grass will not fall out. Add the filter to the end of your future blunt. Then you need to roll it all together carefully.

The next step is as easy as sealing an envelope—lick it and stick it. In case you are using cigar paper, you can start adding honey right now! Just a little bit of it to seal the roll. This way, you do not need to use your saliva—honey will work the magic even better.

The next step is the most delicious and exciting one in the whole process of making this blunt. When your roll is ready, spread honey over it. You can even bathe it in honey. Just leave a bit of the surface clean, so your fingers will not be sticky when you hold it. The best area is right where your filter is.

To make the roll even more perfect, you can spread the remaining herbs on some surface and roll your blunt on it. Cover it with marijuana. The sticky honey surface guarantees you a thick coating. Be careful: this way, you take the potency of your blunt to the next level. The more honey you add the tastier the blunt gets. You even can add a couple of extra layers of it.

All that is left to do is to light your roll and enjoy the sweet mix of honey and weed.