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May 11, 2017 12:05 PM

How Many People Have Died From Weed?

Cannabis is always surrounded by controversies. On one side, people who fight against legalizing marijuana insist that the plant is not only harmful but deadly. On the other hand, pro-marijuana activists claim that there was not a single marijuana overdose death, in contrast to hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by opioid prescription drugs overdoses, for instance. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle, and we at Weedy will try to help you figure out exactly where. So, has anyone ever died from smoking weed?

Can marijuana overdose kill you?

How many people have died from smoking weed? It looks like the answer is “zero.” There is no official record of anyone dying from a marijuana overdose. Furthermore, it seems to be impossible to overdose on cannabis alone.

In a 2006 study published in American Scientist, marijuana was ranked among the least physiologically toxic substances. The scientists suggested that in order to cause a fatal poisoning, a person would have to ingest from 100 to 1,000 times the effective dose of marijuana. Alcohol, for comparison, may cause death when you ingest 10 times the effective dose of it.

It is noteworthy, however, that marijuana overdose still can cause you a lot of problems and discomfort. Just as any other chemical, cannabis has a list of side effects that may be extremely unpleasant: from extreme headaches to panic attacks to paranoia. And even though these effects are temporary, it is not something you want to experience on a daily basis.

In 2014, there was an accident in Colorado when a 19-year-old male consumed lots of marijuana-infused cookies and then jumped off a balcony. Of course, we cannot insist that overdosing on weed was what made that young man to take the final step. But researchers suggest that a high enough dose of THC can affect your sense of reality and force you to take unnecessary risks without fully understanding the possible consequences. So, watch you dosing and consume weed responsibly.

Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Some people may think that marijuana edibles were created rather for the recreational cannabis users who consume weed to get high and have some fun than for those who use the plant as a medication.

Marijuana-related deaths

The consequences of irresponsible marijuana use may be terrifying. Car accidents are the most common example of tragic deaths caused by marijuana.

Just like with alcohol, driving under the influence of marijuana is not safe not only for you but for other people on the road as well. Marijuana affects your reaction and may prevent you from thinking clearly. And that usually creates risky and sometimes life-threatening situations.

There are a few more deadly things that are related to cannabis. One of the most terrifying and shocking cases of deaths caused by weed are the marijuana raids. Despite the expanding pro-marijuana movement and the increasing number of states with legalized medical and sometimes even recreational weed, marijuana raids are something that may kill you even if you did not break the law.

According to the report the New Your Times published last year, since 2010, at least 85 drug-related SWAT raids led to someone's death. About 20 of these deadly raids were related to marijuana crimes. The worst thing is that not all the people who have died were criminals: there were small-time dealers, people who have sold a single joint to a friend, and even police officers.

And what about synthetic marijuana?

Ironically, the substance that was claimed to be a safer alternative to marijuana proved to be way more dangerous. In contrast to natural cannabis, its synthetic analog can kill you if you consume too much. And since no one actually knows what is inside these synthetic marijuana products, it is very hard to tell how much of Spice or K2 will be too much.

Synthetic Marijuana: The Deadly K2
Synthetic Marijuana: The Deadly K2
​Last week, over 30 people were hospitalized in New York City; all of the victims had been taking synthetic marijuana.

Some synthetic cannabinoids are already included in the Schedule I list of substances and prohibited across the country. But there are still dozens of other synthetic cannabinoids we know almost nothing about. The one thing we do know is that synthetic marijuana has nothing to do with the cannabis plant, so we cannot count deadly cases of K2 of Spice overdose as the weed-related deaths.