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May 9, 2016 8:25 AM

How to Change Your Designated Medical Cannabis Dispensary?

Applying for a medical marijuana card, you may discover that many American states require applicants to designate dispensaries. In some states, cannabis patients are allowed to choose only one designated dispensary for purchasing weed. However, there may come a time when you want to opt for another place to get weed.

Currently, there are eight places that require patients to choose a single marijuana dispensary: Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Illinois, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C. Though the rules of medical marijuana programs are different in each state, there are many similarities.

For the most part, all the mentioned states add a dispensary designation check box on the cannabis card application form or offer a separate form where you can indicate a designated dispensary. But when it comes to changing it, the marijuana policy can vary from state to state.


The state laws permit cannabis card applicants to designate marijuana dispensaries in Maine and also require to renew the designated dispensary annually. There is no policy concerning its change, but submitting the Dispensary Designation Form calls for a $10 re-issue fee.

New Jersey

Medical marijuana patients in New Jersey must select a single Alternative Treatment Center, also known as a dispensary. Visiting the official online portal for cannabis patients, you can switch your designated treatment center at any time free of charge.


Connecticut marijuana laws allow licensed patients to switch their designated dispensaries for free, but this permission can be used only four times per year. In order to do this, cannabis users need to fill out the Change of Dispensary Facility Form and submit it via email, fax, or mail to the Department of Consumer Protection in Hartford, CT. After you receive a notification that your transfer request is completed, you can visit your new dispensary in Connecticut.


Vermont marijuana laws offer cannabis users two options: to cultivate cannabis themselves or to designate a specific dispensary. If you opt for the latter, you will not be allowed to grow your own weed. Patients who want to change their designated dispensary should fill out the Change of Information Form and pay a $25 fee. Registered cannabis consumers can only change their treatment centers once in 90 days.


Cannabis patients here are also required to select a medical cannabis dispensary for purchasing marijuana. To change it, you need to select another licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois, fill out the Dispensary Selection Form, and wait for confirmation from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Please note that you will be able to visit your new dispensary 24 hours after your request is approved.


Nevada medical marijuana laws permit licensed marijuana users to change the primary designated dispensary every 30 days. Log in to your profile on the official website of the Medical Marijuana Program to find all the necessary information on this issue. A writing request should be submitted within 30 days of the change. Be ready that you will be asked to return your old medical marijuana card within seven days.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island marijuana laws provide patients with the opportunity to designate up to two caregivers. The selected caregivers can be either a compassion center (dispensary) or an actual person. When you designate caregivers through the card application form, there are no fees required. But if you want to change your caregiver later, you should complete the Change of Information Form and pay a $25.00 fee for the information change.

Washington, D.C.

Cannabis patients in Washington, D.C. are permitted to change their designated dispensary without any outlined restrictions. You just need to submit the Change of Information Form to the DC Department of Health and pay a fee of $90 to the Treasurer. Within two weeks after the Department receives your form, you should also make a request for a new medical cannabis card.

It may be not convenient for medical marijuana patients to be limited by only one dispensary, but the mentioned states implement this policy to keep the marijuana usage under reasonable control. Though there is nothing difficult in changing your designated dispensary, you should be aware of the applicable fees and limitations.