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Nov 20, 2016 12:05 PM

How to Choose High-Quality Vaporizer?

The range of cannabis accessories is so fast-growing today that it is very hard for weed consumers to keep up with the latest trends. The great variety of vaporizers can easily confuse even the most seasoned tokers. However, the following five tips will help you consider everything from the product's material to its actual capabilities. Keep on reading this article, and you will learn how to find the best-quality vape pen on the market.

Material of the Device

As you know, titanium is the safest material for vape pens, and most manufacturers try to meet this standard. However, not all titanium vaporizers are of the same quality. As pure titanium is quite expensive, some producers of vaporizers actually use titanium alloys with cheap and dangerous metals. High-quality accessories should have labeling stating the grade of titanium: Grade 1 or Grade 2. Otherwise, it may be made out of cheap metal alloys that are not quality-tested in laboratories. Such devices may cause harm to your health as their long-term effects are unknown.

Manufacturers can use different metals for creating vaporizer coils, including titanium alloy, kanthal, nichrome, or various grades of titanium. High-quality items out of Grade 2 titanium can also contain small amounts of iron, from 0.00% to 0.30%, but more iron lowers the quality of titanium.

To be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality accessory, keep in mind that these products are low-resistant and can work only with sub-ohm batteries. Do not be shy to ask your vendor for the material composition of their accessories. If a seller refuses to show you the results of the composition test, the quality of their vaporizers is questionable.

CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer
CannaKorp Starts Manufacturing First Pod-Based Cannabis Vaporizer
​CannaKorp has claimed to be ready to start the production of the world's first pod-based cannabis vaporizer in the near future. James Winokur, co-founder and CEO of CannaKorp, has recently told CNBC that the company has raised enough funds to start the manufacturing of the CannaCloud, known as “the Keurig of marijuana.”

Avoid Teflon in Vaporizers

When vape pens and eNails just appeared on the market, some manufacturers used Teflon, or polytetrafluoroethylene, to make a non-stick coating on some parts of their accessories. However, laboratory tests have shown that this material can melt during smoking and emit dangerous fumes and chemicals.

The side effects of constant Teflon usage can even lead to fume fever, which is also called Teflon flu. Though most popular companies have excluded this material from their products, it is better to check if the vaporizer you are going to buy is free from Teflon.

Temperature Control Limits

Many sellers claim that all of their products ensure accurate temperature control, but only expensive devices can really specify temperature to within a few degrees. Except for the newly appeared products, most vape pens have control batteries that target the temperature by sending electricity through the atomizer coil. However, when you hold the button on the wax pen too long, the rising temperature may exceed the target level and burn off all of the effective cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes from your cannabis extract.

Who You Are Is How You Smoke
Who You Are Is How You Smoke
The way you smoke cannabis can tell a lot about you. Every one of us has a preference. You might be surprised, but the way you consume marijuana may be an indicator of your personality. So, let us see what kind of stoner you are.

Atomizer Material Matters

Your weed smoking experience also depends on the materials applied for crafting the vaporizer's atomizer. Before buying a new device, find out whether the producer used titanium, titanium alloys, ceramic, quartz, or copper for their pen atomizers, as these materials have either benefits or limitations.

While titanium is considered as a material that ensures a great taste of flowers, the abilities of titanium alloys may vary from device to device. Quartz is the most preferable for atomizers, as it provides both a great efficiency and a nice taste of smoke. You may also meet ceramic atomizers on the market, which are safe to use but not as pleasurable as quartz devices.

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6 Home Tools That You Can Easily Turn Into Cannabis Appliances
If you want to be a real stoner, then you should know how to create a great cannabis tool out of almost any household item. Though it may seem that a bong and a lighter are the only things you need to smoke weed, the following tools will make your toking experience more pleasurable if you have them at hand.

Vaporizer's Attachments

Most vape pen attachments available on the market are made of copper, but some manufacturers also offer accessories made out of stainless steel. So, what is the difference? While stainless steel is considered safe enough, a copper appliance can exude dangerous fumes if you heat it to over 1000˚F. You may argue that vaporizers do not usually heat up so much, but some devices do in order to produce the densest vapor clouds.

In contrast, vaporizers with stainless steel attachments do not have such side effects at high temperatures. Moreover, most box mod batteries are just not designed to be used with copper attachments, so it is definitely better to opt for stainless steel accessories.

6 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Vape
6 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Vape
​There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis. Even if you are a beginner smoker, you have definitely heard of vaporizing. At first glance, it might seem really tricky; however, vaping can give you unforgettable emotions and feelings. Below are a few tips on choosing your perfect vape and using it for the first time.