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Jan 5, 2017 12:05 PM

How to Choose Weed When Your Budtender Is No Help

When you visit a local dispensary, especially for the first time, you most likely expect to get professional advice from a budtender. However, the results of a survey conducted in 55 dispensaries show that more than 50% of dispensary agents did not get any formal training before starting their work. So, what will you do when you meet an inexperienced budtender in a pot shop?

How to Choose Weed Without Budtender

Fortunately, not all budtenders are unprofessional, and some dispensaries care about the quality of services they offer, though the findings are concerning.

According to the survey, some dispensary employees recommended high THC-strains to customers who were suffering from stress or anxiety only because they confused them with CBD. Other budtenders forgot to advise CBD as an effective medicine for patients with epilepsy.

Surely, budtenders are not supposed to be trained or educated like nurses. However, having basic knowledge is crucial. That is why it is extremely disturbing that only 20% of respondents said they had received training about marijuana strains and could determine the effects of a cannabis strain by its terpene content.

This is probably the poorest service provided on the market today. That is why you should be aware of the ways to buy marijuana if you meet an unqualified budtender at your local dispensary.

If You Are a Newbie

If you do not want to go home completely unsatisfied with the budtender's advice, it is better to keep in mind the effect you expect to get from marijuana. Clearly explain your desires to a dispensary agent. Let them know whether you need something to help you struggle with insomnia, or you want to get relief from your chronic back pain. If you need relaxation without any psychoactive effect, tell this to your budtender without any hesitation. However, you should remember that high-CBD strains are better for anxiety and seizure relief, while THC-rich strains are effective appetite stimulants.

7 Things You Need to Know to Choose Quality Buds
7 Things You Need to Know to Choose Quality Buds
Choosing the best bud at your local dispensary or another cannabis access point is often quite difficult. How can you pick the right product out of dozens of available strains? Below are some tips on how to purchase buds of the best quality.

Choosing Edibles, Consider 10-Milligram Portions

If you are a seasoned consumer and know how to deal with marijuana edibles, you can easily skip this piece of advice. Others, and especially newbies, had better start with edibles divided into small doses of THC. A 10-milligram portion will be enough to feel the effect of marijuana. Wait for a while to understand whether you need more cannabis. Choose a chocolate bar or any other edible that is clearly labeled and divided into uniform portions.

However, if you cannot find any edible that is separated into small pieces, it is not an excuse to buy edibles with undefined THC doses. Visit the next dispensary, and you will find what you need eventually.

How Does This Weed Affect You?

Even if the producer has indicated the THC content on the marijuana product you chose, it tells you nothing about the effect it brings. Obviously, a budtender is not supposed to taste all cannabis strains, as there are hundreds of them. Nevertheless, they should be aware of what they are selling. Thus, you have all rights to inquire whether a strain is spicy or not, if it is suitable for morning use, and whether there is a risk of becoming couch-locked. Clear answers to these simple questions will let you easily determine how qualified your budtender is.

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How to Find Quality Head Shop Near You?
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What Lineage Does the Strain Have?

Visiting a dispensary for the first time, you may be surprised by the great amount of hybrid marijuana strains. Cannabis breeders are always experimenting and creating new strains by genetic crossing. So, even seasoned consumers may see an unknown strain in a dispensary's menu. Do not be afraid of seeming stupid and ask your budtender what this or that hybrid is. A well-trained dispensary agent will explain the hybrid's effects to you and even name its genetic parents.

Who Grew This Cannabis?

Keep in mind that marijuana strains may vary in their effects and potency depending on the manufacturer. Even identical clones can produce buds with different flavors and effects if their growing conditions were not the same. Your budtender should inform you if the strain you consider buying has prized genetics or is simply a pretender. They should also tell you where this strain was cultivated. If they seem to mumble through their answer, they probably know nothing about the quality of the strain.

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