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Jan 6, 2017 12:05 PM

How to Dab Like a Professional: Dose Your Cannabis Oils and Concentrates Correctly

For those who have decided to try cannabis concentrates but do not have any experience in that, there is a big risk to make a real mess. Whether it is shatter, wax, or sap, it does not look at all like the usual dry weed you know so well, so the first question you might have is how to dose concentrates to get the desirable effect.

The funny thing is that in most instructions it is recommended to “start with a small dose.” But how can one measure “small” if the entire amount of dab is usually no bigger than a coin? Should it be half of that? A quarter?

Well, let us have a closer look at what you can do in this situation and how you can understand how much dab you need.

Find all the information about the dab

In most cases, you will find the information about the concentrate on the label. Sometimes, you can find even more detailed information on the official website of the manufacturer, so it is worth checking.

So, what kind of information can you find? For starters, the total THC content might be indicated there. Some labels also include the THCA to THC ratio and the terpenoid profile of the product. In rare cases, you can find info about others compounds, but this is an exception rather than a rule.

The potency is indicated in percent: you will see a number between 50% and 90%. There are just a few samples that contain more than 90% of THC, while some rare solventless concentrates may contain less that 50% of cannabinoids, so the majority of dabs will fit into this range.

To Dab or Not to Dab: What You Should Know About Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates
To Dab or Not to Dab: What You Should Know About Dabbing Cannabis Concentrates
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How can you use this information?

Let us take a one-gram concentrate that contains 90% of THC. In 1,000 mg of the sample, 900 mg are cannabinoids. Is it a lot? Well, compare it to an edible, which in average has about 10% of pure THC. And, as you know, edibles can hit you in a very powerful way, so you may only imagine what 90% can do to you. But is it possible to obtain one-tenth of this small amount of concentrate? It seems to be tricky, but there is nothing impossible.

Get the right tool

It is probably needless to say that not every tool is appropriate for dividing your dabs. You will have little help from a scooping tool when trying to divide shatter (it can be really frustrating to gather the shards that scatter all over the place), and trying to tackle saps or extracts with pointed tools can be not effective as well.

So, try to use a proper tool. You should not have any problems with that as pretty much anything works for this purpose. You may use a knife, scissors, even a plastic card if there is nothing better around. However, we would recommend you to chose a proper dabber tool that has both scoop and pointed ends. This way, it will be easier to keep the tool clean (can you remember the last thing those scissors cut?), and you will always know for sure that you have the tool to divide your dab.

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Prepare the portion

So, what should you do with the sample you have and the tool you found? Obviously, you need to slice the sample into parts that contain the necessary amount of THC.

For instance, if you have this one-gram concentrate with 90% THC potency (900 mg of THC in one gram), you can divide it into nine pieces so that every one of them has about 100 mg of THC. It is definitely a tricky task to perform and requires certain skills, but in most cases, it is possible. Sometimes, the portion you need will be the size of a grain or even a piece of couscous. Of course, it depends on how much you want to consume, as it is obviously easier to get 100 mg of concentrate than 25 mg. However, there is nothing impossible; you just need a bit of practice, and soon you will be able to get the required amount out of the portion.

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Use alternative options

If dividing into portions seems too difficult for you or you simply do not want to risk getting overdosed, you can try vaporizer cartridges. This product has the right amount of concentrate that you cannot overconsume (unless you do it on purpose). In most cases, one hit of a cartridge equals to one dose, so you can easily measure the effect you want to reach.

Usually, cartridges come with instructions (and we strongly recommend you to choose only the cartridges that have one), so you can know in advance the potency of every pull and the maximum number of hits.

Not every concentrate is available in cartridges, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to consume with no fuss or spend a bit of time on portioning but consume exactly the concentrate that you like.

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Do not hurry and start small

Yes, we also have to say the same thing all the other instructions do: start with a small dose, as this is probably the most important thing in the process of consuming concentrates. Even the same small amount of dab can affect people in different ways. It depends on a myriad of factors, such as your age, the state of your health, your consuming experience, your tolerance to THC, and others.

The good thing is, you can always add some more. If you start with 25 mg of dab or with one hit of a vaporizer cartridge and realize that it is not enough for the desirable effect, just take another dose and work your way to the dose you need.