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Mar 24, 2016 8:02 AM

How to Find Quality Head Shop Near You?

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in many states of America, the cannabis market has come out of the shadow and begun to provide its consumers with quality weed products and accessories. Moreover, head shops that offer cannabis paraphernalia also continue to mature and compete for customers. Here are some tips on how to identify a quality head shop and avoid scammers that only care about taking your money.

How to Find Quality Head Shop Near You?


Visiting a local head shop, you should not find yourself in a dark-colored interior with bars over the windows. We are not living in the Dark Ages for the industry, and there is no reason to create a high level of secrecy. A good marijuana outlet is a legitimate business and should be honest with its customers like any other specialty store. You can openly ask the staff where they are buying the products and if they have a certificate of quality for the accessories. If you are at a head shop that cares for its reputation, its employee should be able to answer directly and honestly. However, if a shop employee answers through clenched teeth, there is a reason to disbelieve them.

Wide range of quality products

Coming to your local head shop, first of all pay special attention to its product range. A quality head shop will have a diverse selection of high-quality vapes, bongs, glass, and other pot accessories. The products should be made by well-known brands, have trendy styles, and also include the classic models. A head shop that has a constantly updated product range with the most favorite classic items will ensure the most satisfying shopping experience for its customers.

Well-informed employees

It does not matter whether you are a patron or a newbie, a quality head shop will satisfy your needs without paying attention to your jargon awareness. Do not feel uncomfortable if you do not know the special names of cannabis paraphernalia, because the staff should be knowledgeable about the products and their designated purposes. They should be tolerant and friendly towards the customers with lack of experience and demonstrate qualified awareness in water pipes, splash guards, and whipped-cream chargers.

Stay away from shops that misinform you with false advice trying to sell the products you have doubts about buying. They can tell you all about the product's extreme usefulness and bombard you with special terms to trick you into thinking that it is high-quality.

Trend awareness

A quality head shop is always in the picture of the cannabis market and tries to keep up with the latest trends. Qualified employees should be able to tell you about the latest marijuana fashion and not be confused when a cannabis connoisseur says a term they have not heard previously.

Head shop employees should give the best recommendation to a customer taking into account the buyer's individual preferences and needs or advise against the products that do not suit the customer's lifestyle.

Customer service

Though head shops previously had a reputation for poor customer service, modern-day stores try to do their best to break this stereotype. Nowadays, a quality head shop even offers its customers replacement for defective products. If you decide to buy any electronic accessories, you will be provided with the most extensive information about these products and the warranty packages for them. The helpful staff can give you useful advice and demonstrate the items you like in the store. As a regular customer, you can also be provided with a discount or other bonuses to encourage you to come back. Any quality trade outlet understands the importance of satisfying its customers.

All in all, after buying something at a local head shop, you should leave feeling confident and proud of your purchase. This is the most significant characteristic identifying this head shop as a high-quality establishment!

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