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May 30, 2016 8:40 AM

How to Identify High-Quality Cannabis?

Everyone knows that a little research before buying something can help you avoid disappointment in your purchase afterwards. Even if you buy weed at a licensed marijuana dispensary, it is also good to learn how to identify high-quality cannabis. Here are some tips aimed to help you figure out whether you have bought good marijuana or not.

Quality marijuana should be green. Of course, there are some cannabis strains of purple or orange color, but mainly, weed should be green. If you are offered cannabis of brown color, that is definitely low-quality marijuana.

The potency of the smell is one more important sign of good cannabis. Keep in mind that good marijuana has a profuse and distinct aroma that many pot consumers describe as dank. It can be so strong that you may be forced to buy a smell-proof bag. Smell several strains of the available weed to know exactly what good marijuana smells like. Though each cannabis strain has its unique aroma, bad weed usually has a very faint or no smell.

A great number of seeds and sticks is a sign of low-quality cannabis. If you notice several seeds or sticks on your weed, they are acceptable even for top-quality marijuana. But if a budtender offers you cannabis that is full of them, you should not follow their advice.

Quality cannabis should have lots of crystals. High density of crystals on cannabis buds is a good sign of weed potency. If you see lots of crystals in weed, you will surely get high soon after smoking it. Consulting a budtender, you can simply ask to show you cannabis with as many crystals as possible because visual appearance of marijuana plays a crucial role in its quality.

Pay attention to orange hairs on the pot buds. The little hairs on top of your marijuana are like gold. High-quality cannabis usually has a lot of amber hairs.

Good weed should not be too dry or wet. When choosing cannabis, keep in mind that quality buds should not be dry and crumbly—they should have some stickiness when you break them up in your hands. Likewise, it is also not a good sign if your cannabis is soggy, as it will be difficult to light it up. The best way to control humidity of the purchased marijuana is to put it into glass jars and close them tightly.

Dank marijuana should be sticky when you break it up. You have definitely heard weed songs in which rappers are singing about cannabis that is “sticky icky icky.” If it is hard to break a weed bud up because of its stickiness, this is good marijuana that will get you higher than cannabis that crumbles in your hands.

Too leafy marijuana does not have good quality. If you see cannabis with a lot of leaves, you should know that this weed is just fluffy. We do not recommend to purchase such cannabis as it does not usually break down well.

Buy weed only from reliable cannabis dealers. It is hard to overestimate the importance of a dealer you can trust. Try to be loyal to your cannabis dispensary that constantly supplies you with high-quality products. If you are not satisfied with the marijuana from your designated dealer, check out our article on how to change your medical cannabis dispensary.

Try it and rely on your experience. Sometimes, it is really hard to determine the quality of cannabis until you smoke it. Moreover, if you use some of the must-have devices for stoners, even a middle-quality marijuana can surprise you with a great effect. Besides, you cannot rely on anything else other than your own experience. The more seasoned consumer you become, the better eye you will have for cannabis quality.

If you use other ways to tell good weed from bad, please let everyone know in the comments below.