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Dec 22, 2016 12:05 PM

How to Make Cannabis Chef Happy: Best Gifts for Enthusiasts

It is holiday time! Choosing the right gifts for our friends is a tiresome task. However, if your friend loves marijuana (and lives in a state with legalized weed), there are some choices that will make them extra happy. Moreover, if your friend loves cooking with cannabis and can be considered a weed chef, we know exactly what they need. Here is the list of gifts that will please any chef.

Cannabis Silicone Pan

Cannabis silicone pan is an amazing gift for any chef, especially if they specialize in marijuana cooking. This present will be a constant companion for your friend. They will be able to bake any dough in the form of a weed leaf. This mold can also be used for gelatin products and ice cream. Besides, the pan can serve in any temperature and settings—freezer, oven, microwave, etc.

Weed Leaf Toaster

There are many cool toasters that can create a certain image on your bread. Among the most popular are a Star Wars one that burns a Darth Vader, a pirate toaster, and several others that create various faces. However, now, you can buy a device that will cook weed toasts with leaves on them. Your chef friend will never see a simple piece of bread in the morning! It is a great breakfast decoration. If you want an epic wake and bake with a cup of coffee and a sandwich, a Weed Leaf Toaster is a must-have.

Magical Butter Machine

Though this machine is not the cheapest gift, it is worth the money. Your chef friend will definitely like the present. This device is the first countertop botanical extractor. It works with the extracts and does all of the work for you. Your dear marijuana devotee will see the secrets of infusing cannabinoids into oils, butter, and alcohols themselves. This machine will grind, heat, stir, and steep the extracts. Besides, it is programmed with the ideal temperature and intervals needed for a quality result. It takes just two hours to prepare an infused product that will be as good as the headshop stuff.

Other advantages of Magical Butter Machine are its size and user-friendly maintenance. It is very compact, and you can operate it without unnecessary fuss. Bring convenience to your kitchen!

Homemade Cannabutter in 7 Easy Steps
Homemade Cannabutter in 7 Easy Steps
Cannabutter is a great type of edible and a must-have for those who like to cook marijuana-infused edibles because it is a key ingredient in most recipes.

Marijuana Leaf Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is a must-have appliance in every kitchen. People who like baked edibles use it all the time. We are sure that your friend will love the beautiful leafy decorations that cover the pin. Rolling the dough with this pin immediately leaves marijuana impressions. It brings extra fun to infused cookies. Besides, the pin looks gorgeous just lying on the shelves of a cupboard. But we are sure that any baker would not let it stay forgotten.

Marijuana Apron and Towels

Nobody likes doing the dishes. For some people, it feels like an everyday punishment. But with new cannabis towels and drying mat, it will be a lot easier. From now on, getting high and doing the dishes will even please the owner of the beautiful set. They are also a perfect decoration for the kitchen.

The same rule applies to the apron. However, we are sure that any person who has ever tried to cook with cannabis loves spending their time in the kitchen. A marijuana-decorated apron will make the process even better. It will create a cheerful mood and help your friend feel the special atmosphere of the “high” food.

Warren Bobrow's Mixology Book

What can be a better present than a book? It has been at the top of desired gifts for decades. There are a few special books that would impress any cannabis enthusiast. With the developing popularity of marijuana, many authors are diving into the history and secrets of this plant to write a book that will tell us something interesting (and that will be in high demand, of course.)

5 Best Weed Cookbooks for Any Taste
5 Best Weed Cookbooks for Any Taste
Nowadays, cannabis edibles are one of the most favorable kinds of marijuana products among weed users. Though they may come in different forms, from pot brownies to weed coffee to cannabutter, you will get equal pleasure regardless of which one you choose.

There is a book that contains so many recipes and new ideas of cannabis-infused alcohol, that anybody will be occupied by it for the whole year. Warren Bobrow's Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics proves that a weed beverage is suitable for any occasion.

Warren Bobrow's Mixology Workshop: The Best Recipes With Blueberry Strain
Warren Bobrow's Mixology Workshop: The Best Recipes With Blueberry Strain
Warren Bobrow is a famous marijuana enthusiast and mixologist. These are the two passions of his life, and their mix can only result in something wonderful. His favorite art of spirited drinks is now shown in a cocktail book that contains dozens of recipes.