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Mar 29, 2016 8:07 AM

Humboldt Distillery Marijuana-Infused Vodka Released

Californians may already know Humboldt Distillery for its spiced rum or award-winning organic vodka, but recently the company has announced the release of its brand-new product—cannabis-infused vodka called Humboldt's Finest.Humboldt Distillery Marijuana-Infused Vodka

The best news is that you do not have to look for it in your closest dispensary as this drink is available for sale in regular liquor stores statewide in California and Colorado.

According to the company's press release, after nearly two years of making their organic vodka, they decided to look for a legal way to create a cannabis-infused one. The main motivation for the brand were the constant requests from its customers. But to make their product fully legal, they had to look for a compromise between their customers' demands and the current law. Humboldt Distillery accepted the challenge, and eventually, they found a solution.

As per the law, in order to be classified as a food-grade product, the vodka needed to have less than 0,3 percent of THC. It means that the company could not use any of the cannabis extracts rich with THC, but it still could use some food-grade products, like hemp.

Humboldt's Finest was made with legal hemp grown by Orhempco Inc., an Oregon-based grower that produces hemp seed and oil. Moreover, for its weed-infused vodka, Humboldt Distillery uses sativa seeds only. So, despite being a cannabis-infused drink, Humboldt's Finest contains no THC, although it still has that unique cannabis flavor and aroma. Thereby, it will not give you any of the psychoactive effects except for the usual effects of the vodka itself.

Humboldt's Finest is one of the first marijuana-infused alcoholic beverages available to the public. It has a specific herbal character, unique marijuana aroma, and incredible flavor; these qualities, according to the manufacturer, make the drink a perfect alternative for a regular vodka or gin in your favorite cocktails.

The drink is available in 750 ml bottles. The series is limited, so you better not waste your time and give it a try!