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Feb 20, 2017 12:05 PM

Innovative Cannabis Perfume for Weed Connoisseurs

Are you still looking for a way to get rid of the weed smell after smoking? You can stop now, as there is a new fashion craze—wearing cannabis perfume.

Cannabis Perfume

Following the trend of marijuana legalization, a Los Angeles-based company Xyrena has released its collection of first strain-specific pot perfumes “Reefer Madness.” This unique collection includes unisex fragrances of the three most popular cannabis strains: OG Kush , Blue Dream , and Space Cake.

5 Secrets of Blue Dream Strain Popularity
5 Secrets of Blue Dream Strain Popularity
Although there is a great variety of medical cannabis strains, Blue Dream appears to be the best-selling strain in several states of America. In this article, we tried to reveal what makes this sativa-dominant hybrid so popular among cannabis consumers.

Surprisingly, Killian Wells, the founder of Xyrena, had not been a fan of marijuana's skunky scent until he smelled the aroma of weed flowers in one of California dispensaries. Wells found the raw weed smell very appealing and decided to create a strain-specific perfume.

Though the collection's fragrances do not really contain marijuana or cannabinoids, the perfume formula includes the scents of cannabis terpenes, such as limonene, pinene, and others. This allowed creating a unique composition that reproduced the smells of different marijuana strains.

For instance, the OG Kush perfume has aromas of pine and sour lemon with undertones of earthy cedar and burnt rubber associated with Kush cannabis strains.

5 Best Kush Strains for Cannabis Connoisseurs
5 Best Kush Strains for Cannabis Connoisseurs
Because of high potency and strong effect, kush strains are among the most favorite strains of cannabis consumers. You have probably heard that Afghani Kush or OG Kush were used as a basis to breed many popular hybrid strains.

Blue Dream is another cannabis perfume that lures marijuana lovers with its sweet blueberry and skunk notes that turn into an earthy pepper aroma with a lingering sweetness.

The Space Cake fragrance smells like cake with vivid salty and buttery undertones. The perfume's composition also includes notes of French vanilla, cedar essential oil, and earthy cannabis flowers. The buttercream heart note makes the fragrance delicious and attractive.

The collection is available online. The fragrances are packaged in 1.7 fluid bottles for the price of $74.20 per bottle.

To inspire you to smell like your favorite cannabis strain, Killian Wells has also created a music video “Blue Dream.”