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May 24, 2017 12:05 PM

Is There Any Difference Between CBD Oil and Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil, otherwise known as RSO, is one of the most popular medical cannabis products currently available on the market. And since it is used for medical purposes, some people may confuse RSO with CBD oil. We at Weedy decided to help you figure out the difference.

Rick Simpson is one of the world-famous medical marijuana activists and advocates. He became famous after he had managed to treat his skin cancer with the help of concentrated cannabis oil. Furthermore, Rick Simpson created his own version of extracted cannabis oil, the one we now call RSO.

What is so different about RSO?

When we talk about CBD oil, we usually mean one of the two options:

  • whole-plant CBD oil that may also contain minor quantities of other cannabinoids;
  • hemp-derived CBD oil with less than .03 percent THC.

Either way, CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in these types of weed oils.

But RSO is not the same as CBD oil. Rick Simpson oil has a high concentration of cannabinoids and is usually extracted from very potent female marijuana plants (20 percent THC or even more). As a result, the most abundant cannabinoid in RSO is THC and not CBD. And yes, it means that RSO may make you high but only if you consume it orally.

As for the way of consumption, Risk Simpson believes that in order to get the best results, you need to either use RSO as a topical, applying it directly to your skin, or simply swallow it like a medication.

The most important thing, however, is that Rick Simpson Oil seems to have a stronger medicinal effect because of the larger variety of cannabinoids. According to Rick Simpson's website, RSO is a “harmless non-addictive natural medication” that can be helpful in treating various diseases, including such severe conditions as cancer, MS, diabetes, depression, sleeping problems, and more.