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Dec 9, 2016 12:05 PM

Israeli Companies to Release Innovative Cannabis Inhaler

Two big Israeli companies have cooperated to make a new first-of-its-kind marijuana inhaler that is designed to deliver more precise doses of cannabis to medical patients.

Israeli Companies to Release Innovative Cannabis Inhaler

The new device is produced by a famous Israeli manufacturer Syqe Medical and distributed by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The product is also expected to receive approval from the Israeli Health Ministry next year. Syqe Medical believes that this cannabis inhaler will open a new era in medical marijuana treatment and delivery.

The inhaler will allow patients to receive precise and correct doses of cannabis, providing a perfect balance between psychoactive effects and symptom relief.

According to the producers, the marijuana inhaler will give physicians a possibility to prescribe exact doses of marijuana and control its delivery to their patients. The treatment becomes safer and more convenient for both doctors and patients: it eases the symptoms as well as minimizes the herb’s psychoactive properties.

Dr. Eytan Hyam, Syqe’s Medical chairperson, has recently announced that the new inhaler is a unique and innovative device that can improve the quality of life of thousands of medical cannabis patients.

The inhaler also solves the common doctors' issue of prescribing the plant for smoking and offers a great option for patients who require a precise dose of marijuana.

The inhaler is designed to help people suffering from a number of conditions and is extremely important to medical cannabis patients.