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Jun 11, 2016 9:15 AM

Kush Strains Review: Pine Tar Kush

Pine Tar Kush is an indica-dominant strain that has major kush origins and descends from the famous Kush strain. It is also said to be one of the purest strains in the bay area.

General Information

While the exact origins of Pine Tar Kush are unknown, the strain is very rare and exceptional. If you are looking for this strain in California, you will receive a pleasant surprise—Pine Tar Kush is certified as purely organic by the Clean Green Certification program, which is the best quality indicator for medical cannabis dispensaries. The certificate guarantees that patients receive a remedy that has been grown without any harmful chemicals or additives. Pine Tar Kush can be a serious contestant in the Cannabis Cup and even seek a place among the best “true” kush strains.

Kush Strains Review: Pine Tar Kush

The buds of Pine Tar Kush have a bright neon green color. Upon first sight, the tight buds of this strain look more like those of sativa representatives, but the effects of Pine Tar Kush are 100 percent indica. The trichomes of this kush are massive stalks with large cloudy heads. The impressive content of trichomes promises you an intense high with heavy indica effects.


True to its name, the strain has a super woody flavor and is quite sticky. The taste of Pine Tar Kush is an incredible mix of various flavors. Pungent pine notes are combined with woody citrus hints and a spicy touch. Tar notes in marijuana are a rare occasion that adds unique undertones to the strain's flavor. The buttery taste somewhat resembles chamomile tea.

Moreover, the flavor only intensifies during the process of consuming the herbs, which is a rare yet pleasant quality of a marijuana strain. Surprisingly, despite its high potency, Pine Tar Kush is a very smooth strain to smoke and does not even cause coughing.

The aroma of the strain is incredible. Similar to pungent pine at first, the smell of tree sap uncovers when you start grinding the buds. This strain provides a special feeling of being in a forest with crispy air or putting a fresh-cut Christmas tree in your living room for the holidays.

Recreational Use

Though the strain is an eye-candy comparing to all other kush strains, it is popular not only for its appearance and flavor. The effects of Pine Tar Kush are quite famous among stoners as well. The high provided by Pine Tar Kush is purely indica. The initial buzz comes from the very first toke. It leaves you euphoric and happy. The slight numbness comes next. As the high builds up, you notice a buzz in the back of your head that leads to a complete relaxation. Your eyes begin to close; your body wants to rest comfortably on the couch.

Be prepared for munchies at this phase. Be sure to find some snacks before you feel too sleepy to even move. The feeling is relaxing both for your mind and body. The level of THC of this kush indica reaches 18-22 percent on average.

Medical Use

Medical application of Pine Tar Kush would be beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and stress. The relaxation and calmness that come during the high can give you the desired relief. If you have any kind of physical pain, this indica strain can also significantly help you. Another benefit of Pine Tar Kush is that it affects you faster than any other kush strain. It is a critical advantage when it comes to the medical application of marijuana.

All in all, the Pine Tar Kush strain is a rare treasure that is worth trying.

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