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Feb 27, 2017 12:05 PM

Kynd Cannabis Company Releases Its First Line of Handcrafted Edibles

Cannabis-infused edibles are one of the most popular ways to medicate with marijuana. This method allows you to consume your weed-infused medicine without turning too much attention to yourself and makes the whole process way easier and more pleasant.

Image credit: KYND Cannabis Company

Kynd Cannabis Company, a Nevada-based producer of medical cannabis products, has recently announced the launch of a brand-new product line. The company released its first line of artisanal handcrafted chocolate edibles.

Kynd Cannabis is a well-known medical marijuana brand that unites dozens of products: from various vape products to high-quality hash oil to edible tinctures to medical weed capsules. Now, the company has turned its full attention to the development of new edible products, starting with a line of artisanal chocolate.

Cannabis and Chocolate Make the Perfect Edible
Cannabis and Chocolate Make the Perfect Edible
Many cannabis connoisseurs believe that weed and chocolate are an ideal combination. The flavor of the latter masks the hashy notes of marijuana perfectly. Besides, they share chemical cousins—THC and anandamide.

There are two types of chocolate bars in Kynd Edibles' new product line: dark chocolate bars with sea salt and sweet milk chocolates. Each bar may be divided into 10 small doses. You can manage you delicious treatment by choosing one of the two available potency varieties: 100mg of THC (10mg THC per dose) or 300mg of THC (30mg TCH per dose).

The new Kynd Edibles' chocolate is infused with high-potency CO2-extracted cannabis oil. The company uses the same type of cannabis oil in production of its high-quality vape products. Using CO2 fluid instead of more traditional hydrocarbons is believed to be a bit safer and healthier since the fluid contains less harmful solvents.

But the best thing about Kynd's new chocolate edibles is that each bar was handcrafted and made of fresh, premium-quality products by one of the local chocolatiers. Now, Nevadan medical marijuana patients have one more delicious alternative to traditional marijuana therapy.

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