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Aug 9, 2016 6:20 PM

Laugh Your Head Off With These Cannabis Strains

When we consume marijuana, we usually want to spend a great time with our friends or simply forget about our problems. There are many cannabis strains that can cause happy giggles and make you a social butterfly. You probably already have some "laughing favorites." However, we assure you that there are some giggly strains that can make you laugh as hard as you have never laughed before.

Laughing Buddha

What can be a better start of our list than a strain whose name itself screams "giggles"? Laughing Buddha is an award-winning strain whose effects provide you with the state of relaxed happiness. Earthy notes combine with sweet fruity undertones and result in an unforgettable mixture. This sativa strain is the best remedy against depression and stress. Laughing Buddha can show you that the outlook on life can be light and more carefree. Start your day with Laughing Buddha and a smile on your face.

Best Hybrid Strains Of Weed to Combat Depression
Best Hybrid Strains Of Weed to Combat Depression
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The effects of this hybrid strain are not mild at all. The high THC content of Chemdawg results in a fit of giggles you have never experienced before. Chemdawg makes everything seem so funny that you cannot stop yourself once you start laughing. The strain can deal with social anxiety and make you the star of the party. Be careful with this hybrid marijuana and control the THC dose you get.

Black Diamond

Active sativa strains are not the only ones that can make you laugh: heavy sedating indica strains can be fun as well. Black Diamond is a wonderful relaxing herb that can couchlock you. Find some interesting comedy to watch while you are at it and laugh your head off. Black Diamond is a perfect choice for a lazy weekend. It feels almost like a laughing spell has been cast on you. In addition, this strain will make you extremely hungry, so take a couple of snacks with you.

Mango Kush

While the laughing fits may not last long with Mango Kush, the giggles are arguably the most sincere and "clean." If you are a social butterfly, Mango Kush will feel like home to you. Besides, the flavor of this hybrid strain is incredible—you can almost feel the sweet ripe taste of mango while consuming the herbs. The strain can keep you chatty and upbeat for a long time. When the giggles end, you will be calm enough for an in-depth talk with your friends.

UK Cheese

UK Cheese is popular for its energetic euphoric high that can make any person happy with their life. Initially bred in Great Britain, the strain quickly gained popularity around the world. Besides, many people claim that UK Cheese can give you the giggles that you have not had in a long time. The signature flavor of this hybrid strain is unique. The strain combines pungent, skunk, and cheese notes. Yes, UK Cheese may smell funny, but it can make you laugh as well.


Another indica strain on our list is Shishkaberry. The buds of this one are painted in all shades of purple, and the taste is exceptionally delicious. Do you want to combine a sweet berry taste and the fun a potent marijuana can provide? Then, Shishkaberry is the strain for you. The strain can help even the most introvert people deal with different social situations with a smile on their face. Until the lazy indica effects of Shishkaberry kick in, you can expect relaxing fits of giggles.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a great source of dreamy euphoria. If you like to escape the reality and dive into your own world, Northern Lights can add some giggles to your dreams. The strain's relaxing effects will clear your head from all negative thoughts and leave only happy memories and a warm smile on your face.

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Northern Lights Strain Review
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