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Apr 8, 2016 8:15 AM

Lavender Strain Review

Lavender is a marijuana strain included in our top 100 indica strains list. The reason is obvious. Lavender has the perfect smell, flavor, and effects. Read our review to learn more about this incredible medication.

Lavender Strain Review

What Is Lavender Strain

Lavender is an 80%-indica and 20%-sativa child of the four well-known marijuana strains: Afghani, Super Skunk, South Asian heavy indica strains, and Hawaiian sativa. Lavender got its name due to its unique berry-like sweet, flowery, and lavender flavor. Its incredible floral scent coupled with the general appearance of this purple flower makes Lavender attractive to the customers. Besides its floral taste, Lavender has a perfect sweet blueberry aftertaste.

The Effects of Lavender Strain

The effectiveness of Lavender marijuana strain is every bit as impressive as its taste. You will feel relaxed and euphoric with the first hit. It does not matter what you are doing or thinking about, Lavender will make you happy. Moreover, Lavender is great to smoke in a company of friends because the strain makes you very social and brings much joy and entertainment. It is better to smoke Lavender when you have no plans for the day or want to have a lazy evening. Smoking Lavender is too good to spoil it with activities that need you to stay focused. We recommend you to use it in the evening or before going to bed.

Lavender Strain as a Medication

As we have already mentioned, the Lavender marijuana strain provides your body and mind with smooth relaxation. That is great for patients who suffer from insomnia. Evening usage of Lavender will make you prepared for a dreamy, undisturbed, and soft sleep. Moreover, Lavender will be a great problem solver if you are looking for effective pain relief. This marijuana strain will also make you forget about anxiety. You will feel a lot better about yourself, become social, happy, uplifted, and euphoric. Lavender is a perfect medication for those who seek relief from stress, pain, depression, eye pressure, and lack of appetite.

Growing Lavender Strain

If you want to grow the Lavender marijuana strain by yourself, it is quite easy. The plant is great for growing outdoors because Lavender is highly resistant to mildew and botrytis. In this case, it will take you just 60-65 days to enjoy the harvest. But you can grow it indoors if you want. The indoor flowering period is only 53-67 days. The Lavender strain is very beautiful, with its dark purple coloring and exotic look. It can grow to be rather high, so you should control this aspect. Lavender can mostly be grown in a temperate zone.

Overall, the Lavender marijuana strain is a highly effective medication with a perfect look, flavor, and smell. If you are ready for an impressive body and head high, Lavender will bring strong and durable effects. Absolutely recommendable!

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