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Jan 23, 2017 12:05 PM

Legal Cannabis Jobs Really Exist

There are many full-time jobs and people that depend on the legal cannabis industry. While the fate of marijuana remains uncertain even after the recent legalization of cannabis in several states, it is more important than ever to keep track of this kind of jobs.

A lot of taxpaying Americans are supported by their job in the legal marijuana industry. It may surprise you, but there are many kinds of jobs that a person can take right now and be legally involved with weed. In some states, cannabis already qualifies as the second most valuable grown commodity.

Election Day Highlights: Americans Favor Marijuana Measures in 7 of 9 States
Election Day Highlights: Americans Favor Marijuana Measures in 7 of 9 States
On November 8, 2016, nine states voted on the legalization of either medical or recreational weed. Five states―Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada―were deciding whether to permit marijuana use for adults.

If you wonder what possible jobs are there for people who know their way around cannabis, here are some of the avenues open to enterprising cannabis enthusiasts in the U.S.


Being a cannabis farmer is not all giggles and fun. It is hard work that requires extensive knowledge and skills. Marijuana is not a simple weed that will flourish by itself and give you great harvest just because. At first, prospective farmers face many legal issues to obtain a license. Then, the hard work of cultivating cannabis begins.

Extraction Expert

Extraction technicians are in demand today. The industry has a large niche for cannabis extractions and the companies take good care to produce the best of the best. You will not hear any university offering you an opportunity to study marijuana extraction, but there it is, the perfect job for those who want to see the inner workings of the contemporary marijuana industry in America. You may start as a simple assistant in a company that produces weed products and climb the career ladder to becoming extraction technician, manager, and even reach higher executive positions.

5 Best Cannabis Jobs
5 Best Cannabis Jobs
The cannabis industry is growing rapidly offering a wide variety of new jobs. That is why more and more people are deciding to build their careers in the sphere of marijuana.

Cannabis Cook

Another way to get into the heart of the industry is to create weed goods yourself. Many companies hire professional chefs that mix together simple ingredients to create something wonderful—a product that will attract many customers. Baker's assistant, candy maker, food chemist, herbalist consultant, food scientist—all these jobs are legal and available for anyone to try and apply. If you already are a chef and want to change something in your life, you can always try yourself in the cannabis industry.

Vice President of Public Affairs

Being a vice president of public affairs in a cannabis-related company is a complex job to take. No matter how many years of experience in public affairs you have, weed industry is always new and unexpected at times. For some people, joining the legal cannabis sector is a fascinating opportunity to take part in the development of a brand new industry even despite the reputational risks. Only determined people can succeed in this part of the industry. Besides, unlike some other male-oriented industries, this one is welcoming to women.

5 Hottest Cannabis Job Opportunities in 2017
5 Hottest Cannabis Job Opportunities in 2017
If you wish to build a highly-rewarded career in the cannabis field, you may already have all the skills and experience to start right now.

Cannatourism Worker

Right now, people are very interested in cannabis culture and anything that surrounds it. What better time to promote cannabis tourism than now? With the partial legalization of the plant, many entrepreneurs took the opportunity to establish a new fruitful business. They began organizing cannabis-themed events, visits to grow houses, dispensaries, special classes, and even museums. Cannabis tourism is flourishing right now and offers a lot of jobs for people who are interested.

Your Guide to Marijuana Tourism in United States
Your Guide to Marijuana Tourism in United States
In the two years since Colorado first permitted the sale of recreational weed, a cannabis tourism infrastructure rapidly emerged. Cannabis-friendly charter SUVs will drive you to the mountain slopes any time of day or night.

Though there are no exact official estimates, three states that lead in the number of legal cannabis jobs are Colorado, California, and Washington. While the federal government may refuse to acknowledge all these jobs, many states support hundreds and thousands of people who work in the legal cannabis economy.

Cannabis Industry Will Rise to $50 Billion Over Following Years
Cannabis Industry Will Rise to $50 Billion Over Following Years
A mainstream investment bank has recently presented a forecast that states the marijuana industry is going to grow eight times its size reaching up to $50 billion over the next decade. The rapid growth of the industry will be triggered by the legalization of cannabis and the reduction of the black market.