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Feb 9, 2017 12:05 PM

Make Cannabis-Infused Coffee Your New Morning Jolt

The blend of THC and caffeine is a good option for the start of your day. Both of them give you energy and make your life a little better. If you want to make your breakfast special, buy an infused coffee drink and enjoy the pleasant buzz.

There are many brands that can offer you cannabis-infused drinks. We have chosen a few beverages that can be considered the stars of the market.

Cannabis vs. Coffee: Science Behind Two Drugs
Cannabis vs. Coffee: Science Behind Two Drugs
Due to the rapid boost of the popularity of cannabis, people want to know more about the “dark and light sides” of cannabis use.


Brewbudz is not a famous giant of the industry. This is just a small startup project that has come to a great idea of infused coffee with a 100 percent compostable pod. While there may be many cannabis coffee brands that provide a delicious product, Brewbudz has gone even further and added a seemingly small detail that turns out to be ingenious. The pod is designed to return to the soil instead of being thrown into the garbage.

Trying to help patients medicate discretely, the creators have found a way for you to do it in a social manner. A special flower-based extraction technology provides consumers with a wholly unique experience.

Canyon Cultivation's The Coffee

As coffee drinks are becoming mainstream, Canyon Cultivation decides to support the trend and create a low-dose cannabis coffee drink. The product is packed professionally and creatively. These little bottles look very pretty.

In addition to the beautiful cover, the filling is high-quality as well. The drink is roasted locally with the best Guatemalan beans. This beverage seems to be ideal in all aspects. Yet, it suffered some criticism from professionals. The judges of the High Times Cannabis Cup were disappointed in the low content of THC. While one bottle contains 100 mg of caffeine, it has only 10 mg of THC. They would also like to see the product sold in a six-pack or a smaller bottle.

House of Jane

House of Jane uses mornings to market their infused coffee, which is completely understandable. Indeed, the best way to start your morning is to savor a cup of coffee that eliminates any pain or stress you may have. The company worked hard to reach the perfect balance of gourmet coffee and top-notch CO2 cannabis oil. Surprisingly, there is no taste of cannabis or even an aftertaste of it. So, you can enjoy the pure taste of your favorite beverage.

House of Jane offers a wide range of products. You can find any type of beverage you want. This medicine is available in tea bags, bottles, and C-cup pods. All of them also come in different dosages—20 mg, 80 mg, and 200 mg of THC. Also, there is a range of high-CBD products that are the most beneficial for medication.


Coffee is one of those few things that can make your morning manageable. Cannabis-infused cups give you a perfect blend of THC and CBD meant to elevate your mood and get rid of pain and stress. These coffee pods are already available in California. Soon enough, they will enter the markets of Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington. The pods are available in various doses—10 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg.

In addition, the company offers other infused drinks that may interest you. It has a line of quality products including Pot-O-Coco and Pot-O-Tea. The sheer names of the goods are a great reason to buy at least one of them. All these infused drinks come in a wide range of THC dosage levels. You can also take a look at the company's CBD-enriched drinks that will provide you with the most relief.

Coffee by Scorpion Crew

The beautiful design of this product immediately attracts the attention of customers. A dangerous scorpion on the bottle seems to hint that this stuff is really good. One bottle of this coffee contains 20 mg of THC that will give you more energy than any drink has ever done before. Scorpion Crew also offers such alternatives as tea, punch, and a citrus drink.

All these drinks are of good quality and will make you a happy person in the morning. However, if you prefer to prepare your morning drink yourself, there are many recipes that can make you the best barista in the house.

Recipe: Homemade Bulletproof Weed Coffee
Recipe: Homemade Bulletproof Weed Coffee
Recently we have published an article about the pros and cons of the two world’s most favorite things—coffee and cannabis. But this time we are not going to compare, but to combine these two amazing things. We are sure you are going to like this match!