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Apr 2, 2016 8:45 AM

Marijuana Condoms Can Save Your Sex and Make It Unforgettable

Do you know that marijuana is a powerful aphrodisiac? With cannabis-flavored condoms, sex can be more enjoyable and exciting. If you have never used them before, the best experience in your life is still to come. According to the manufacturer, the product inspired by marijuana is green and tastes and smells like the real plant.

The Amsterdam-based cannabis company Cannadom seems to have made a real revolution (and evolution too) in both sex and weed industries by combining these two absolutely amazing things—marijuana and condoms—in one small green “incentive” for safe sex that looks exactly like a piece of an alien costume. Made to create a mind-blowing sexual experience, the product smells and tastes like the herb that plays an important role in affecting sexual arousal. And for making the process funnier and avoiding any confusion, the rubbers come in one color—obviously, green. Fortunately, in contrast to the variety of colors, Cannadoms may come in more than one size.

The first question you will probably ask is whether these cannabis condoms get the person high. Unfortunately, they do not contain THC or any other cannabis-derived ingredients, so no effect is felt. Good things come in small packages.

Sex, Drugs, and Safety

The Dutch capital may be heralded as a hub for liberalism and social progression following its legalization of prostitution and consumption of cannabis in 1988. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that one Amsterdam-based company released the very first weed-flavored condoms in the world. It just proves once again that the Dutch know for sure how to please their customers. However, we are not quite sure that anyone was sober when the product was created.

Condoms are the only form of birth control that minimizes the risk of contacting with or spreading sexually transmitted infections. Practicing safe sex does not mean it becomes less fun or does not feel as good. It is all the pleasure and none of the disease. And with Cannadoms, it is also all the fun.

It will take some time for the product to become available worldwide, but you can purchase it from the manufacturer online. International shipping is available.

Marijuana Changes Sex Industry

Plenty of sex-related cannabis supplies available on the market go way beyond Cannadoms. A real marijuana-laced lubricant that gets your genitals high and the pipes that double up as dildos are just a few of them. Cannalovers use weed in tantric sex rituals, add it to lip balms and massage oil, make pain-relieving gels, and so on. According to the studies, apart from getting you high, the main active ingredients of cannabis can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, increase arousal, and have anti-bacterial properties.

The two industries fusing together seem to have found a way to become more profitable and make you more successful in winning the heart of your partner. Along with marijuana-infused lollipops and chocolate brownies, you will now be able to pick up a few packs of condoms for your romantic nights at the nearest head shop.

Break Down Barriers to Bedroom

Although Cannadoms do not get you high, they can satisfy the curiosity of those cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for some extraordinary, entirely new experience. It is always pleasant to see that weed industry promotes fun as well as safety.

The existence of cannabis-flavored condoms may just provide you with a new fresh way to combine two aspects of your life that were seemingly miles apart. It looks unusual, tastes like chronic bud, and smells of a Snoop Dogg concert. For those in the know, that is the trifecta!