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Nov 10, 2016 12:10 PM

Marijuana Is the New Wine: Chefs Are Interested in Using Cannabis for Cooking

The recent Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress has shown that cannabis is a new sphere of interest for hundreds of restaurateurs and world-class chefs. Weed-cooking experts were asked many questions about the herb, making it the most popular subject of discussion at the conference. Here is why weed may become the new wine in the dining industry.

Elise McDonough, a world-famous expert in cannabis cuisine, shared her weed-cooking experience at the 11th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress. The audience of the conference included world-class chefs, restaurateurs, and hospitality professionals from all over the world. The main topic of discussion was whether cannabis would become the new wine in haute cuisine.

According to McDounough, culinary professionals around the globe are demonstrating an intense interest in marijuana. Moreover, many of them believe that cannabis-infused products will rival the alcohol industry in its profitability and scope. It is likely that in just a couple of years, many high-end restaurants will adopt weed programs much like the wine programs they currently offer.

The benefits of marijuana for restaurants are multiple. First, smoking and vaporizing cannabis before or during dinner can boost the customer’s appetite and encourage additional spending, which can be another great source of revenue for the restaurant industry. Second, each cannabis strain has its own unique flavor and aroma, which gives chefs plenty of possibilities to create new dishes with awesome tastes. Weed can cultivate distinct moods throughout the dining process, encouraging customers to spend more and enjoy their dining experience.

Do you want to try cannabis cuisine? Find some simple and delicious recipes here.

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