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Mar 25, 2016 4:04 PM

Marijuana Oil Production to Start in Coalinga

Marijuana oil is an incredibly potent product that can be used for medical purposes, including, perhaps, treating epilepsy and even cancer. So, wouldn't it be a great idea to create a cannabis oil production center in California?

What is marijuana oil, actually?

Cannabis oil is not a product that is incredibly difficult to produce; in fact, anyone who has a bucket, a nice package of weed, and a solvent can make it at home. Not that it is always a good idea—marijuana oil as any powerful medical drug may not be for everyone. Sometimes, cannabis oil can be very potent; it is important to obtain a professional guidance on how to use it. Otherwise, the overdose can become a very likely occurrence.

Even more, people who are considering making cannabis oil at home should be aware of the risks that are associated with the oil production process. Marijuana oil is highly volatile, and it may be enough to take a few deep breaths over the bowl with the extract for an average person to immediately start feeling woozy, dizzy, and generally uncomfortable.

But enough with the doom and gloom. Let us take a closer look at what cannabis oil is, exactly. The oil is a dense green liquid that is a mix of a solvent and an extract obtained from the upper leaves and flowers of a marijuana plant. Like most essential oils, this extract is made with the help of steam distillation process. Pretty much any high proof alcohol can be used as a solvent as long as it is fine for human consumption. The ready mix is rich with sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes, and other highly active organic compounds.

What is it used for?

Marijuana oil is, as a rule, quite expensive. But it can be a well-justified expense.

One of the most popular uses of cannabis oil is as calming remedy for anxiety and stress. The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound, which is actually “guilty" for marijuana considered to be a drug, releases pleasure hormones into your brain and simultaneously makes your body feel relaxed. This process can be compared to switching your body from the stress mode to the calm mode. This same effect of marijuana oil helps patients who suffer from insomnia to finally fall asleep. When your body is relaxed, it becomes much easier for your heart rate to decrease and for your mind to make all the myriads of the buzzing thoughts to go away.

Pure medical cannabis oil can bring relief to patients who suffer from headaches, migraine, and chronic pain, whether it is joint pain or the pain that is a result of chemotherapy. This kind of effectiveness is one of the reasons why marijuana oil is currently being investigated as a potential cancer treatment. Moreover, there is an opinion that active ingredients in marijuana oil can have preventative effects on tumor formation and cancer. This opinion is as yet unconfirmed and requires additional research. Regrettably, conducting medical cannabis research on the U.S. soil is not too easy because of the position adopted by the DEA. So, if marijuana oil is, indeed, a cure for cancer, they will probably discover that in Canada or something.

People who need to gain weight, for instance, after a long period of recovery from injury or after an extended illness, or those who have problems with appetite induction, can use marijuana oil as an appetite booster. This is the effect of so-called “munchies." While one can see it as a side-effect, for people who have problems with the digestive system, it can be a real magic remedy.

Apart from being a product intended for direct consumption, marijuana oil can be used as a novel ingredient for soaps, candles, perfumes, and of course for some foods and marijuana-based edibles. All these products do not require large amounts of the oil, since marijuana extract is so powerful. Sometimes, it is enough to use three or fewer drops of the oil to relieve the pain for the whole day. For some people, an amount of marijuana oil equal in size to a grain of rice can be sufficient.

Local marijuana oil center

Most of the marijuana oil you can find in the U.S. is imported from several European countries (France, Holland, etc.); these imports are limited, so the prices for cannabis oil are way too high. For instance, in the Bay Area, a pound of a good-quality marijuana oil may cost you $2,500 or even $3,000. When it comes to a long-term medical treatment, cannabis oil may cost you a fortune.

That is why it would be so great to have a local marijuana oil production center. This approach will have the advantages of reduced expenses (no overseas delivery required), controlled laboratory tests, lower prices, and, of course, new jobs.

Surprisingly, it is possible. Since the Claremont Custody Center, located on the far edge of Coalinga, California, is being closed, the City Council is proposing to use the state prison building as a cannabis oil factory.

This is a 77,000-square-foot territory that can be easily turned into a cannabis oil manufacturing center. The plan has numerous economic benefits. First, it will provide at least hundred full-time jobs; the figure can further increase to two hundred jobs should California legalize recreational cannabis use later this year.

Second, if the Ocean Grown company rents the old prison building, the rent will be almost $2 million per year. All this money would go directly to the city's bank account. And this is not bad since the city was running a $3.3 million budget deficit according to the recent audit in 2014. According to some projections, in less than three years Ocean Grown can help eliminate the city's budget deficit.

Public reaction

Coalinga police agreed to cooperate with the Ocean Grown. Cultivating marijuana requires special security measures, so the company wants to install security cameras all over the building territory and connect them to the police dispatch center. They also require police collaboration in order to conduct background checks on every single employee.

Ocean Grown is planning to sell its production to dispensaries all over California (and maybe to some other states later as well), so they also want to use the Coalinga's airport for shipping. Though, it is still not clear whether the company will get the permission for doing this or not.

Though the issue is about new job places, not about drugs in the streets, the company faces a tough battle with the Coalinga's 13,000 citizens. Many of them simply do not want to accept marijuana, whether it is medical or recreational, in their town. Apparently, though, they were quite happy having a prison instead. This kind of prejudice impedes economic growth that can be achieved through the creation of new marijuana-related businesses. Clearly, Coalinga is not the only place in the U.S. that may irrationally act contrary to its interests.

Discussion keeps on going

Mayor Ron Ramsey tries his best to calm down people's fear about the manufacturing process and the marijuana oil itself. During a recent meeting, he told the activists that the production process does not pollute the environment as it uses most of the plant with minimal waste. For those who worry that marijuana oil will turn their town into the drug center of California, Mayor Ramsey said that Ocean Grown's oil production consists mostly of cannabidiol, not tetrahydrocannabinol, which means that it is not supposed to make people high, instead, it will be used as a medicine for the people who suffer from a number of diagnosed diseases.

Councilman Steve Raine said that having this business in the town does not mean that marijuana will go straight to schoolkids; what is forbidden is forbidden, and they will do everything in their power to keep all marijuana products inside the factory building. But at the same time, it is not right to leave people who need this kind of treatment to suffer without it. “I would be embarrassed by that," he said. Generally, Raine supports this business in Coalinga, including the opening of medical cannabis dispensaries.

Councilman Ron Lander, though, is not in favor of opening medical marijuana dispensaries in the town. He even doubts that the whole idea with building a medical marijuana oil center in their town has nothing to do with the rumors of councilmen and their family members being medical marijuana patients. That accusation made Councilman Nathan Vosburg spend a lot of time on defensive, squashing the rumors of medical marijuana use.

But the biggest opposition comes from Sheriff Margaret Mims, who is sure that marijuana business will undoubtedly increase crime in the area. She considers cannabis as dangerous as any other drug and finds the idea of selling it like a usual medicine absolutely inappropriate. It is strange how these people are still OK with morphine derivatives being used as anesthetic agents.

The discussion can go to a public vote. On March 30, there will be a special workshop that Ocean Grown company will use as an attempt to defend their interests in the town and calm down the public concerns about medical marijuana.

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