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Apr 17, 2016 9:10 AM

Marijuana Strain: Dream Star Review

There is an abundance of marijuana strains on the market today, but we try to select the most powerful ones that have already proved their efficiency among cannabis consumers. If you desire to get relief from chronic pain, negative thoughts, and stress, then Dream Star strain is worth your attention.

Dream Star Strain Review

Strain Review

Dream Star is a hybrid that appeared due to the efforts of Oaksterdam Seed Co. This sativa-dominant strain was bred by genetic crossing of Stardawg and Blue Dream and inherited the best features of its popular parents. This hybrid is also one of the most favorite strains among cannabis patients thanks to its relatively high level of potency—22,45% of THC and 0,10% of CBD. If you choose Dream Star, you can surely expect to get a long-lasting effect with many benefits for your health.

Strain Features

Dream Star plants have bright neon buds of a slightly oval shape. Its nugs have bright fiery orange hairs on them and are densely covered with crystal amber trichomes. If you break the nugs and smoke them, you will taste their delicious pungent and diesel flavor with sweet earthy and berry notes. After you consume the nugs, Dream Star strain leaves you with a tingle of chemical aftertaste with citrus undertones. Many cannabis users find this taste exceptional and decadent.

Secrets of Growing

Pot growers like this hybrid for the possibility to grow it both indoors and outdoors. If you would like to grow this strain, you should know that it is hard to find Dream Star seeds, but its clones are widely available. The plants can grow to medium height and do not require advanced skills from cannabis breeders. It usually takes nine weeks to see the first flowers on the plants. Many weed producers prefer Dream Star to other hybrids for its heavy or above average yield with very consistent phenotypes. The best yield is gathered from the plants that grow in an organic soil environment.

Strain Effects

This hybrid is very appealing to marijuana patients for its fast-coming effect that reveals just in 10-20 minutes after consuming it. Thanks to its high potency, this strain provides you with a cerebral high and leaves you inspired and energetic. The psychoactive effects of THC make pot consumers happy and euphoric. The sativa effect of Dream Star is very intense and usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes. Some patients with a low tolerance to Dream Star report its slight hallucinogenic effect and a temporary loss of focused attention. When the indica features of this hybrid come into effect, cannabis consumers feel overall relaxation in their muscles along with deep introspection and somnolence. Their body becomes couch-locked, and their mind falls into a deep sleep.

Medical Use

You should seriously consider buying the Dream Star strain if you need an effective natural remedy against mood swings, muscle spasms, headaches, and depression. Some cannabis patients also find this strain an effective supplemental medication for chronic pain. Dream Star is powerful for treating lack of appetite, bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and Parkinson's disease. Before buying this strain, consult your local cannabis doctor to define the best dosage of Dream Star your body needs. Keep in mind that extensive use of this strain may lead to paranoid thoughts and become the reason for dry mouth and eyes.

Where to Buy

Dream Star strain has already become popular in such American states as California, Oregon, and Nevada. If you live in other states of the U.S. where medical marijuana is also legal, you can check Dream Star's availability at your local medical dispensaries listed on our website.