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Sep 1, 2016 9:15 AM

Marley Natural Presents Its New Cannabis Product Line

Last week, Marley Natural, the official cannabis brand of Bob Marley, started the sale of their new line of cannabis-based products at the dispensaries of Oregon. This luxury collection of unique cannabis products includes new weed strains, cannabis-infused products, and smoking accessories—all of which are carefully created with dedication to the Jamaican reggae singer.

Marley Natural presents only all-natural products made out of premium cannabis plants grown without any pesticides. The new line includes four categories of locally-sourced weed flowers, oils, and pre-rolls:

  • Marley Gold contains sativa strains that will provide weed users with optimism, energy, and a unique cerebral experience. These flowers are produced for clean and consistent smoking and recommended for daytime use.
  • Marley Black offers indica strains for those who are looking for full-body relaxation. Thanks to an exquisite mixing of weed strains, the flowers will provide users with balanced sedative effects.
  • Marley Green is a line of hybrid strains that offer balanced levels of THC and a great combination of sativa's cerebral high and indica's body relaxation for an unforgettable smoking experience.
  • Marley Red is full of CBD-rich flowers specially designed to benefit users with their analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties. Due to a low content of THC, these flowers will not cause any psychoactive effect, so consumers can use them in the daytime as well as in the nighttime.

The new collection also offers weed users body care products, like soap, body salve, lip balm, hand cream, and others. All products are based on cold-pressed hemp seed oil combined with other natural ingredients. Full of essential fatty acids, the Marley Natural topicals have exquisite flavors of Jamaican botanicals, among which are the scents of cerasse, lemongrass, ginger, and bitter cola nut. Though these products contain sativa oil, they will not make you high, as this highly beneficial ingredient is non-psychoactive.

A collection of smoking paraphernalia made out of glass and American Black Walnut wood is like the cherry on top. These accessories for weed preparation, smoking, and storage were carefully crafted in an artful manner for true cannabis connoisseurs. The collection includes a spoon pipe, a bubbler, a tray, a holder, and even an accessory cleaning kit.

All products of the new line were designed with a great appreciation for Bob Marley's legacy and his deep belief that cannabis is a positive plant that heals and inspires people.

Currently, the Marley Natural collection is available on the company's website, as well as at all Nectar and Serra dispensaries in the Portland metro area and in Eugene. In addition to Oregon, Californians will have a great opportunity to purchase these weed products at dispensaries in their state. The company is also planning to make their products available in Washington by the end of this year.