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Jun 12, 2017 12:05 PM

Massachusetts MMJ Dispensary Starts Selling Cannabis Pizza

Medical marijuana dispensaries across the country offer a wide variety of infused products for every taste, from weed candies to various pot-infused drinks. However, a Massachusetts medical cannabis dispensary has recently created a new dish for patients who do not like to smoke pot or eat candies.

Ermont Inc., a Quincy-based medical cannabis dispensary has been selling weed-infused pizza for a couple of weeks now. Seth Yaffe, Director of Operations, told that the company also offers a full range of weed edibles. However, they decided to sell some pot-infused meals that do not contain a lot of sugar.

The 6-inch cheese pizzas can be bought for $38 apiece. Its tomato sauce contains 125 mg of THC. Ermont Inc. has already sold about 200 pizzas. In case patients want any toppings, they can easily add their own.

Only patients with state-issued medical cannabis ID cards are eligible to buy weed-infused products.

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