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Mar 17, 2017 12:40 PM

Meet Models Delivering Weed to New York Celebrities

Every experienced cannabis user has a clear idea about a typical relationship with a pot dealer. The deal usually goes down smoothly and is almost the same each time. However, there are some unusual services out there that can surprise even the most seasoned stoner. A company in New York offers a special kind of weed delivery to the world-known pop stars and celebrities.

Green Angels, an elite cannabis delivery service, employs modelesque young ladies as pot couriers for A-List weed users, such as Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

Honey, the founder and CEO of Green Angels, started her business in early 2009, and she soon learned that the best tactic in working around the NYC’s prohibition was to exploit an unexpected advantage—attractive and highly educated women who were able to cope with any tough situation.

Green Angel’s client base is formed only by personal referral, and both models and customers have to follow a strict set of rules for safety reasons.

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First of all, angels are only allowed to deliver weed to the client’s apartment: making deals in public places is strictly forbidden. In case a customer abuses the privileges of a Green Angels membership, they will be given a strike. If a client berates, harasses or intimidates one of the angels, they are expelled from the club. The safety of the Green Angels is the club’s highest priority, even if it means losing a paying customer.

Every Green Angel model is given a burner phone purchased under a false name. Angels usually offer clients to choose from several options; it can be an eight-ounce baggie, a vape, a tincture or a caramel lollipop. The items run for $30-140 a piece.

When the girls are working, they must wear simple and stylish clothes. According to Honey, Green Angel should not dress too sexy or have marijuana images on their clothing in order to avoid additional attention from both the police and the customers. Each girl should also know almost everything about pot and its effects on the human body to provide full and detailed information to their clients.

Cannabis has changed thousands of lives because of its miraculous medical benefits. Now, it can also help young ladies become emboldened professionals.