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Jul 26, 2017 12:10 PM

MMJ Businessman Offered ‘Weed For Weeds’ for Cleaning Up City

The cannabis industry offers various events and promotions in the states where marijuana has been legalized. From weed weddings to pot festivals, marijuana enthusiasts can now legally show their support toward the herb in any form they want. An MMJ businessman from Maine decided to combine his cannabis passion with love to his hometown, offering 'weed for weeds’ to the residents who cleaned up the city.

The new promotion offered by a medical cannabis dispensary in Gardiner was aimed to encourage residents to pick up garbage in their town. The program was initiated by Dennis Meehan, the owner of Summit Medical Marijuana. According to WCSH-TV, everyone over 21 was offered free weed if they showed a bag of trash that was collected in Gardiner.

The campaign was advertised on Facebook and attracted dozens of local pot users. Meehan hopes his program will soon become available throughout the whole state since gifting pot is legal in Maine. The ‘weed for weeds’ promotion was also about raising awareness about the "life-changing" nature of marijuana.

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