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Apr 16, 2016 5:10 PM

Nelson's Song Red Headed Stranger Immortalized in Cannabis Strain

Who said that Willie Nelson's music could not cure people from various diseases? Listening to Nelson's songs can become even more pleasurable if you combine it with smoking medical cannabis called Red Headed Stranger. In this article, we tried to find the link between a sativa strain and the famous country singer.

Red Headed Stranger Cannabis Strain

Strain Review

This strain is relatively new to cannabis consumers, as it first appeared on the Colorado marijuana market in 2011. Red Headed Stranger strain is Cannabis sativa named in honor of the 1975 album of Willie Nelson, a ballad singer and passionate advocate of marijuana. This strain was bred by crossing Willy's Wonder and Tom Hill’s Haze. Red Headed Stranger contains up to 17% of THC and 0,2% of CBD that ensure a strong body and head high for the consumers. Thanks to its outstanding features, Red Headed Stranger won the second place among the best sativa strains at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012.

Strain Features

If you have not tried this strain yet, you can recognize it by the olive leaves and the oval-shaped buds covered with long red hairs. The snow-white trichomes are so dense that the buds sparkle in the light. If you smell the buds, you can feel their spicy herbal aroma with subtle orange and pine undertones. Many cannabis connoisseurs find the taste of Red Headed Stranger amazing and a little bit cloying.

Strain Effect

Thanks to the great combination of cannabis genes, Red Headed Strange strain delivers an overall high to consumers by making them happy and uplifted. This example of sativa strains of cannabis can also boost your creativity and leave you with fresh solutions to life's problems. After trying this cannabis, the patients become talkative and sociable. They will want to dispute and converse until the marijuana effect wears off.

Heath Benefits

The high level of THC makes this sativa strain helpful for patients who have to struggle with migraines, muscle spasms, and nausea. The uplifting effect of this weed can erase your negative thoughts and let you forget about depression and anxiety. The CBD content allows using Red Headed Strange for treating epilepsy in adults and children. Besides, the CBD contained in this strain is famous for its anti-inflammatory and calming features that are beneficial for people with arthritis and skin inflammation.

All in all, this strain may be really helpful for your heath and will definitely provide you with a positive mood and energy boost like Willie Nelson's songs. If you want to honor the real Red Headed Stranger, please note that unlike other strains of cannabis, this sativa may not be available at your local dispensary. So, check it before visiting medical marijuana shops. However, it is one of the most favorable strains among marijuana users in Colorado and Washington. This cannabis is especially recommended to try while listening to the melancholic notes of your favorite country music.