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Sep 26, 2016 6:10 PM

New Hemp Energy Drink by Kona Gold Is Available on Amazon

Kona Gold Solutions is a young brand for those whose lifestyle revolves around marijuana. Exclusivity and status are the driving forces of this brand. If you want to climb to the top of cannabis market, you have to impress people with something fresh and new. That is exactly what Kona Gold Solutions is doing these days.

Hemp Energy Drink by Kona Gold

Cannabis-Infused Products That Will Amaze You
Cannabis-Infused Products That Will Amaze You
The variety of cannabis-infused products in the market is very impressive. Today, it is hard to think of anything that cannot be infused with marijuana, maybe, except for children products. You may be very surprised to learn that some weed goods already exist.

The company is ready to present you with their new line of Hemp Energy Drinks. One drink can set you in a good mood for the whole day.

The line was first announced in August and has been gaining popularity since then. The company used both traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques to receive market exposure. For example, their recent Affiliate Program allows anybody to market the product of Kona Gold and earn commission from sales.

Right now, the company's hemp drinks are available on Amazon. You can buy packs of 12 and 24 drinks. According to CEO of Kona Gold, Robert Clark, by choosing to work with Amazon, they hope to distribute these hemp drinks around the whole country. Amazon is the leading marketplace of the country, which means it can provide a great number of customers.

Best 10 Cannabis Drinks You Should Try
Best 10 Cannabis Drinks You Should Try
The most popular ways of consuming weed are smoking, vaping, and eating. However, there is one more option for cannabis users—marijuana in the form of a drink!

The next objective of Kona Gold is offering the product via Amazon Prime. The FBA program can help Kona Gold make their drinks Prime Eligible. The company has set its mind on the task and expects it to be accomplished in a few weeks.

The company's official website allows you to buy Hemp Energy Drinks online as well. The price for a 12-pack is $24.99, and a 24-pack will cost you $39.99.

Besides, the company is expanding rapidly. It has moved its headquarters to Rockledge, FL.

According to the company's press-release, Kona Gold will not stop and “will begin developing Hemp Energy Drinks, Energy Patches, Hemp Apparel, Hemp Shampoo as well as a Hydroponics division." The hemp product line of the Delaware Corporation is extensive.

However, there are always risks and uncertainties that may lead to the results that differ from the anticipated ones. The list of such risks involves “changes in technology and methods of marketing," "changes in customer order patterns," "production delays due to performance quality issues with outsourced components," as well as the issues of technological advancement and many other factors.

According to Kona Gold's Twitter, the company is also ready to take their products to the new heights in the hemp industry and make the brand international.

To find out more about these energy drinks and the Kona Gold hemp line in general, read the company's official website and Twitter page.