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Mar 7, 2017 12:05 PM

New Marijuana Gum: All Work and No Play

AXIM Biotech has announced the launch of marijuana chewing gum infused with CBD. This product will not make you stoned but will provide many medical benefits.

Using the breakthrough technology of microdosing, this Southern California weed company has created the world's first marijuana chewing gum that will be accessible in all American states.

Unlike most of the pot edibles at your nearest dispensary, CanChew Plus is free from any psychoactive effect and can be purchased even for kids.

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The company uses CBD or cannabidiol as the main active component of their product. This element has proven to be effective in dealing with psychotic disorders, inflammation, and seizures. It is extracted from industrial hemp, which means that the gum will not get you high.

The THC level in industrial hemp is minimal, so consumers will not get stoned even if they use ten pieces at once.

Though marijuana is still not legalized in all American states, CanChew Plus will be delivered to any state as a pharmaceutical product.

According to Troy Meadows, the founder of the Legion of Bloom, there is an increasing demand for CBD-infused products, so this gum is a great option to get fast-acting cannabinoids.

AXIM Biotech previously launched their marijuana chewing gum called CanChew in 2012. The company had worked over fourteen years on its research and development.

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However, CanChew Plus differs from its predecessor with a more active CBD. While the users of the initial product received only 50 percent of CBD, the new product will provide them with 80 percent of the cannabis compound within 30 minutes of chewing.

Dr. George E. Anastassov, the leading developer of the gum, notes that it is not easy to release CBD from a gum base as it is not water-soluble. A special technology was developed by the company to achieve this result. AXIM Biotech uses microencapsulation to make CBD soluble and increase its bioactivity.

The first CanChew gum contained 10 mg of CBD and 50 mg of hemp oil. Its improved version will have the same amount of active cannabinoids, and it will be 60 percent smaller than the original for a better chewing experience.

The producer ensures that CanChew Plus is clinically tested, non-addictive, free of any artificial sweeteners and preservatives, and has a pleasant mint taste.

The product will be available in several weeks, and consumers will be able to purchase it in without any prescription.

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