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Jan 26, 2017 12:05 PM

New Weed-Friendly RV Park to Appear in Oregon

The legalization of cannabis provides amazing possibilities for both big companies and small entrepreneurs. Whether you are the CEO of a big company, a small entrepreneur or a newbie in the marijuana industry, you may definitely benefit from entering the promising market of cannabis goods and services.

New Weed-Friendly RV Park to Appear in Oregon

Oregon, which legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, now has one of the most attractive economies in the U.S. New dispensaries, as well as numerous cannabis-related services, have been emerging in Oregon since 2014. Moreover, one of the companies is going to open a new weed-friendly RV park in the state.

A company that offers warehouse space for cannabis cultivators is now searching for property near Lake Selmac in Josephine County.

According to Wayne Zallen, CEO of Grow Condos, the new park will be called “Smoke on the Water.”

In case the project is successful, the company is planning to open similar RV parks in other weed-friendly states. These parks will include a marijuana dispensary and tent camping.

The company already owns a large 15,000-square-foot facility in Eagle Point, Oregon, where growers can buy or rent spaces for cultivation. However, all of the spaces are already occupied. The company has also been working on a 48,000-square-foot cannabis processing facility in Eugene.

The project, known as Nuggetville, was presented to the city authorities in December. Nuggetville is planned to include four warehouses for a maximum of 30 growers on a 2.65-acre site on industrial property. The spaces for cultivation will cost from $150,000 to $175,000 each.