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Aug 2, 2016 9:35 AM

Now Floridians Can Order Weed Delivered to Their Home

Florida's first licensed medical cannabis dispensary that opened in Tallahassee last week offers home delivery for its customers.

Floridians Can Order Weed Delivered to Their Home

Trulieve is one of the companies that received the approval from Florida to open a legal medical marijuana dispensary in the state. While other dispensaries are still in the process of cultivation, Trulieve's dispensary is both selling and delivering medical marijuana products with a low THC content.

Kim Rivers, the CEO of the company, says that patients who are terminally ill are the most vulnerable customers who might need medical marijuana immediately, so it is important to deliver them the medicine of the highest quality in time.

On Saturday, the company already delivered medical marijuana to a patient in Hudson, Florida, who is struggling with dystonia, a disease that causes chronic seizures and muscle spasms.

Though the state has already approved the opening of six medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida, five others including Knox Medical in Orange County will start their work only by the end of the year.

Trulieve offers cannabis products in the form of concentrated oil, gel capsules, vape cartridges, and tinctures. Though all products should initially have a low THC content according to the state law, they can be high in CBD, which is effective in preventing seizures.

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However, an approved extension of the Right to Try law permits patients with terminal conditions to get weed products with a high THC content. The company is expected to have more high-THC strains available for distribution next month.

Some other medical marijuana dispensaries that are waiting for their opening will also ship cannabis across the state to patients in desperate need.

The state legislature has also established a list of qualifying conditions, but it includes only a limited number of diseases that can be treated with cannabis.

Currently, medical cannabis is allowed to be prescribed to patients suffering from chronic seizures, cancer, epilepsy, and muscle spasms. People with mentioned conditions can seek medical advice only from licensed physicians who are listed in the state registry.

However, Dr. Ken Brummel-Smith, the Medical Director at Trulieve, is sure the list should be expanded in the future as evidence shows that medical marijuana may be beneficial in much more cases.

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People whose conditions are still not qualified for treatment with medical marijuana will have a chance to vote for a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes during the general election in November.

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