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May 13, 2016 8:25 AM

OG Weed Review: Mystery of Hollywood OG

OG weed is well-known for its high potency and unique flavor that attract so many cannabis aficionados. Hollywood OG can bring you more a vivid marijuana experience than an average strain. Ask for this hybrid at your local dispensary if you want to lift the veil that conceals its mystery.OG Weed Review: Mystery of Hollywood OG

Originating in Southern California, Hollywood OG is a hybrid strain with dominant indica features bred by a genetic crossing of OG Kush and an unknown hybrid strain. Though the exact ratio of sativa to indica is not disclosed by the strain producers, Hollywood OG is incredibly potent; its THC content often reaches 20%.

The buds of this hybrid strain may impress you with their giant size—they are often several times bigger than average weed buds! However, your budtender may offer you Hollywood OG with normal-sized buds, as they also are a common occurrence. The buds are usually of dark green color and completely coated with sparkling trichomes. The plant nuts also have characteristic dark amber hairs that make this strain look unique.

The Hollywood OG smell and flavor complement each other well; both can be described as earthy, floral, and sugary. The smoke of the strain reveals new facets of aroma with the dominant smells of diesel and citrus.

The effect of Hollywood OG appears in your head right after the first toke and slowly melts into your body. Experienced marijuana users report that this hybrid is one of the most fast-acting cannabis strains they have ever tried. Low-tolerance consumers may feel euphoric dizziness that uplifts their mood into the clouds. Seasoned users usually feel blissful happiness combined with a hazy focus. As the strain's effect continues to kick in, weed smokers experience an overwhelming body buzz that leaves them relaxed and sedated. Users with low-tolerance may find themselves couch-locked wherever they are sitting. However, despite the sedative effect of this hybrid, weed users still fell focused and energetic.

Thanks to these effects, medical marijuana patients choose Hollywood OG to treat insomnia, anxiety, and nausea. Cannabis doctors also recommend this hybrid to relieve chronic pain and moderate cases of chronic stress and depression. This true OG strain can also be beneficial to people suffering from muscular diseases, PTDS, and anorexia. Despite its many health benefits, this hybrid may leave you with a headache, dry mouth and eyes, if you consume more than your body needs.

Most cannabis consumers who have tried Hollywood OG report they are going to use it again. This hybrid ensures an immediate hard-hitting effect and perfectly suits patients seeking fast relief of stress, pain, and tension. This OG weed has become one of the favorite strains among weed users in Washington, California, and Colorado.