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Oct 6, 2016 9:36 AM

Oregon Prohibits Weed Strain Names That Appeal to Children

If you live in Oregon, you will no longer see such weed strains as Cinderella or Girl Scout Cookies on the shelves of your local dispensaries. Oregon has approved a new rule that prohibits labeling and packaging of cannabis using the strain names that look attractive to children.

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Review
Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain Review
Girl Scout Cookies is arguably the most popular strain today. You cannot find a stoner who does not know about this strain. Moreover, Girl Scout Cookies is universal and easily enters the list of people's favorites. We have long waited for the opportunity to present you with the strain that will most likely satisfy your needs.

After analyzing more than 500 weed strain names, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has prohibited about 20 cannabis strain names that may lure children. The members of the Commission decided to change the rule after numerous public addressings concerning child-related names of marijuana strains. Thus, the new rule does not allow to use words that are associated with children or marketed by them in the names of cannabis strains.

The Commission sees a common sense in the fact that marijuana should not be related to things that are usually identified as childish. In addition, the members also prohibited names that are similar to illicit substances, like Blow or LSD.

The full list of outlawed names also includes the following pot strains: Grape Ape, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, GSC, Cinderella 99, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Candyland, Charlotte's Web, Dr. Who, Bubblelicious, Smurf, Smurfette, Smurf Pussy, Bruce Banner, Bruce Banner #3, GG#4, Death Star, Skywalker, Skywalker OG, and Jedi Kush.

Oregonians will still be able to buy these strains in recreational shops, just not under the same names. Cannabis growers and retailers can use initials or any other short forms of these pot strain names.

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Strain Review: Skywalker OG Kills Your Pain
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Cannabis businesses that are now producing weed products under the listed names will have time to take measures. The agency is going to inform the companies about the new rule, so they will be able to change the labels on their products and carefully check all incoming products in the future.

The agency is also going to arrange gradual implementation of the new requirements regarding pesticide testing. Initially, the agency required that all recreational marijuana products were put to pesticide testing starting Oct. 1. However, some weed growers and lawmakers were not sure that there were enough laboratories to carry out the required testing. Fortunately, the Commission promised to deal with the lack of labs in four to six weeks. Also, fewer batches from each harvest will be required to undergo the testing. But in case a weed producer fails the random testing, they will be required to test every 10-pound batch of weed.

If the agency provides enough labs to ensure pesticide testing for all cannabis producers, Oregon will be able to start its policy of testing every batch of harvest even earlier than March 2017.

Oregon Stimulates Medical Cannabis Stores to Become Recreational
Oregon Stimulates Medical Cannabis Stores to Become Recreational
Medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to obtain recreational weed licenses more willingly now, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission decided to allow them to transfer their old inventory if they become recreational marijuana retail shops.