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Jul 29, 2016 9:25 AM

Playing Pokémon Go Is More Enjoyable With Weed

Even if you have heard nothing about Pokémons, you have definitely seen people staring at their mobile devices when visiting local hotspots. They are playing Pokémon Go, a new mobile game for iOS and Android designed to get both kids and adults outside to explore their surroundings in search of virtual creatures. Though it might be exhausting to travel many miles for catching Pokémons, a bit of weed can energize you and set the mood for your further exploration. Here is a list of some of the best Pokémons you can catch easier when inspired by these themed weed strains.

Playing Pokémon Go Is More Enjoyable With WeedMatthew Corley / Shutterstock.com

Pikachu and Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Pikachu is the face of the game and one of the most adorable virtual creatures in it. If you are looking for this electric-type Pokémon in your local area, consume a dose of Alaskan Thunder Fuck to get the right mood for hunting. This sativa strain became famous for its uplifting effect that benefits people suffering from anxiety and depression. If you use this strain before playing Pokémon Go, you can be sure that nothing will prevent you from enjoying your Pokémon journey.

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Charizard and Red Dragon

Charizard is the second most favorite Pokémon, after Pikachu, and it is undeniably one of the best fire-type dragons in the game. You need to make some efforts to catch or evolve this Pokémon, so some amount of the Red Dragon weed should be on hand to inspire you. Red Dragon is a perfect hybrid that can provide weed consumers with strength to combat their stress and depression and even awaken their inner dragon.

Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan and Headband

New players can easily confuse these two Pokémons, as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan look really like two of a kind. So here is the deal: Hitmonlee is a fighter with yellow arm and leg wraps, while Hitmonchan wears a light purple tunic and red boxing gloves. It does not matter which of them you own, as they are both perfect in fun game battles, which pair perfectly with the Headband strain. After this sativa saturates you with happiness and euphoria, you will be ready to visit a virtual Gym to train your Pokémons.

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Snorlax and Critical Mass

Snorlax is one of those lazy Pokémons that do nothing besides eating and sleeping. If you are in the mood for Snorlax, you can stay at home and find some Pokéstops inside your house. Critical Mass is a great choice for hunting at home. This heavy indica strain will make you relaxed and couch-locked when your body needs rest from chronic pain or muscle spasms. Rest at home may also be helpful when it is hard to find places where you can hide from the merciless summer heat. Smoke a pipe with Critical Mass, and perhaps a Snorlax will come to your room while you are high.

Mew and God’s Gift

If you have been in love with Mew since you watched the animated series, you probably want to have one on your team. This virtual cat can make itself invisible, which is great for fighting with other Pokémons. Unfortunately, Mew, or Mewtwo, remains unobtainable for Pokémon players. So while you are dreaming about this Pokémon, we recommend you to pair your dreams with the relaxation that comes from the God’s Gift strain. This indica hybrid will relax your body and let your imagination fly with other virtual creatures of the Pokémon universe.

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Drowzee and Amnesia Haze

Drowzee attracts Pokémon hunters with its hypnosis abilities, which can be very effective in battles with other creatures. If you have no mood for wandering around the city today, Amnesia Haze will hypnotize you to overcome your negative feelings. After smoking this sativa strain, you will forget about your worries and pain. Go outside and enjoy a worry-free time while catching some new Pokémons for your Pokédex.

Pokémon Go is an extremely exciting game, and you can make it more enjoyable if you combine it with one of these cannabis strains. Moreover, you can share this weed with your friends to have more fun together. However, be careful of your surroundings while hunting Pokémons and remember that your local marijuana policy may pose some restrictions on using cannabis in public. Have a great time with cannabis and Pokémon Go!