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Jul 19, 2017 12:05 PM

Reasons Why Blunt Is the Ultimate Roll

All marijuana smokers can be divided into two categories—the first one prefers joints, and the second one favors blunts. This opposition is similar to the battle between the light and dark forces—you cannot be something in-between.

There are many advantages to both types of rolls. If you are new to the cannabis world, it may seem like there are almost no differences between joints and blunts. However, seasoned stoners believe the opposite. For them, the sheer matter of roll preference defines the type of a stoner and person you are. In this article, we will dwell on the advantages of blunts and why they are the best kind of rolls. If you are a pro-joint stoner, you may take a look at our article on the variety of cannabis accessories instead.

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10 Best Accessories for Girls Who Consume Cannabis
Many girls prefer colorful and glittery things. Not so long ago, most cannabis-related products had standard packaging with a limited amount of options.

The first reason why blunts are better than joints is crucial for most stoners. When it comes to marijuana rolls, the easier it is to make them the better. In this aspect, blunts are way ahead of joints. They are without a doubt easier to roll. When you make a joint for the first time, you are doomed to fail. With blunts, the task is simpler—no special techniques, no zig zag filters, no weed falling out onto the floor; a little bit of saliva, and a blunt is done.

Another evidence of blunt supremacy is the burning time. While joints do not last long and we have to relight them sometimes, there is nothing brief about blunts. Just one spark will last till the very end of the smoke. Moreover, many consumers report feeling a better, longer high after smoking a blunt as opposed to hitting a joint. The reason for that may lie in the presence of tobacco in this kind of rolls. A study conducted in 2009 revealed that tobacco has the ability to raise the efficiency of THC vaporization thus increasing the available amount of the cannabinoid in a roll. This high makes you feel euphoric on every level. Sometimes, joints give you the same intensity, but the effect is not as long-lasting. However, be careful when you add tobacco to your smoke—the effects may be not as pleasurable as you would like.

What Happens to You When You Smoke Mix of Weed and Tobacco?
What Happens to You When You Smoke Mix of Weed and Tobacco?
Some users are sure that smoking a spliff or a blunt, a joint with marijuana and tobacco, provides a super-euphoric effect and makes you feel better than ever. Others insist that the aftereffect of such a mix may undo all the positive effects and make you feel miserable afterwards.

One of the most annoying things that may happen with your joint is the roll getting wet. Nothing can be worse than smoking wet pot. While this nuisance can happen with blunts as well, they are harder to dampen.

Another point that differentiates these two kinds of rolls is the size. Blunts are usually bigger, meaning more weed can fit in them. Thus, a Grammer Jammer (a roll with an entire gram of marijuana) can only be made in the form of a blunt. Of course, you can try to do it with joints papers, but they will not hold up as well. What you do with a Grammer Jammer is completely up to you. However, one of the greatest possibilities is sharing it with friends. First of all, it is huge. Second, it burns evenly and lasts long. When smoking a blunt with friends, you do not have to worry about someone hogging it for too long or talking while the cannabis burns into the air.

The last reason for choosing blunts instead of joints may be the most sensible argument for many of us. It is quite simple—they are better-looking.

Here is also an additional bonus from Weedy:

Honey and Weed? Make Best Blunt of Your Life With Any Skunk Strain
Honey and Weed? Make Best Blunt of Your Life With Any Skunk Strain
Now, when cannahoney is growing more and more popular, the combination of marijuana and honey becomes a new trend in the cannabis community. This mix is not only delicious but useful as well.