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Sep 19, 2016 9:20 AM

Recipe: Homemade Marijuana-Infused Peanut Butter S’mores

S’mores are a sweet memory from childhood that reminds us of camping and sitting around the fire on a summer night. Today, we are going to show you how to give this delicious dainty a new potent twist.

Peanut butter s’mores are great to infuse with marijuana. You do not have to spend much time to cook this incredible dessert. Moreover, all the equipment necessary to make it can be found in every kitchen.

You can make today’s marijuana-infused s’mores over the fire or in the oven. Whichever variant you choose, they will not disappoint you.

Tips Before You Start

We are going to use some weed butter to make our s’mores potent. You can cook cannabis-infused butter yourself using this easy recipe or buy it in any nearby dispensary.

The marijuana-infused peanut butter s’mores we are cooking today is a 4-servings dessert. Are you ready to start? Let us see what we need.

Equipment Needed


Small mixing bowl

Aluminum foil



½ cup peanut butter

1-2 tablespoons cannabis-infused butter

3-4 ounce bar dark chocolate

8 whole graham crackers


  1. Put peanut butter into a small mixing bowl.
  2. Add cannabis-infused butter.
  3. Mix the ingredients and spread the mixture on 4 of the double graham crackers.
  4. Top with the pieces of chocolate and marshmallows.
  5. Cover with another double graham cracker and wrap in aluminum foil.
  6. Place the packets in the preheated oven and bake for 3 to 5 minutes. A tip here: If you want to bake s’mores in a campfire or chiminea, use tongs to place the packets.
  7. Use tongs to remove the packets from the fire.
  8. Let them cool down a little bit and unwrap.

Voila! Your potent and delicious s’mores are ready. Do not forget that the peanut butter s’mores you have cooked are marijuana-infused and should be consumed responsibly. Keep them away from children and pets. It is better to avoid getting behind the wheel after having marijuana-infused peanut butter s’mores for the reasons of safety.

Enjoy your dessert. Stay healthy and high!