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May 3, 2016 5:25 PM

Recipe: Homemade Shatter BHO

Today, we are going to tell you how to make Shatter BHO, which can be used to cook various marijuana-infused edibles. First of all, we need to warn you that Shatter BHO is a cannabis extract that is made with the help of butane hash oil and is way too potent to use it whenever you want. This glass-like shatter is a powerful concentrate of THC and CBD, two main active marijuana components. When you get it, remember to use it very carefully and responsibly.

Homemade Shatter BHO

Tips Before You Start

If you have ever tried any potent weed strain like, for instance, Hawaiian Fuck (or any other Hawaiian weed, for that matter), you probably know that marijuana should be treated first of all as a medicine. Today, however, we will not use any Hawaii marijuana. Our recipe of homemade Shatter BHO is rather simple but requires special equipment and ingredients, such as uncut marijuana. We advise you to visit a nearby dispensary and buy some pharmaceutically tested cannabis to make sure your Shatter BHO is not only potent but also healthy.

Equipment Needed

2 Pyrex pie pans (one has to fit inside the other)

Extraction glass tube/ stainless-steel turkey baster (with tip attachment)

Vector Butane can (with a special attachment that fits on the end of the tube)

Thermometer (a laser thermometer would be perfect)

Non-bleached coffee filters

Rubber bands


Large insulated cup or container (for example, a Thermos)

Towel/large bandanna


½ ounce marijuana (uncut)


  1. Take the glass tube and pack it tightly with marijuana. A tip here: Make sure the air can go through it to avoid a backfire.
  2. Take the coffee filters, double them up and cover the larger end of the tube.
  3. Secure the filters with a rubber band.
  4. Take a saucepan and fill it with water.
  5. Put the saucepan on the stove and set the temperature to high.
  6. Once the water is 160 degrees, pour it in the insulated container. A tip here: Use your thermometer to make sure the water is heated to 160 degrees.
  7. Now you will need some ventilation. Go outside and make sure that there is nothing flammable around you. Set up a suitable workspace for further actions. This step is very important. Do not proceed the extraction indoors!
  8. Take the larger Pyrex pan and pour enough water in it to cover its bottom.
  9. Take the smaller pan and place it inside the larger one.
  10. Take a large towel and wrap the tube. A tip here: The tube will get very cold, so you need to protect your hands.
  11. Hold the tube with filters facing down 3-4 inches over the Pyrex pan. A tip here: Do not hold it too far because the tube contents may splash, but make sure the filters do not touch the pan bottom.
  12. Fit the tip attachment on the top of the glass tube.
  13. Fit the tip attachment on the top of the butane can.
  14. Now, place the tip of the butane can into the tip of the glass tube.
  15. Carefully and slowly start dripping the butane through. Once the first portion of the butane liquid touches the pan, wait for a few seconds. Then, continue the process until the butane can is empty.
  16. Do not remove the pan with the oil from the water until the water is cool.
  17. Then, pour hot water into the larger pan and wait until it cools as well.
  18. While the water is cooling, find a well-ventilated place with no direct sunlight and moderate temperature.
  19. Once the second portion of water cools down, take a smaller pan and place it in the chosen area for 48-56 hours.

We hope you liked our recipe and succeeded in making your first homemade Shatter BHO. Use it carefully and responsibly. Have a nice high!