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Jun 23, 2016 9:20 AM

Recipe: Homemade Weed Hamburgers

If you think that there is nothing better than smoking Sour weed, you have simply never tasted marijuana-infused hamburgers before. Indeed, Super Sour Diesel can taste extremely delicious and provide a better high than any weed strain. However, even such popular strains as Sour Skunk or Sour Alien will never turn a plain dinner into an unforgettable party.

Tips Before You Start

The homemade weed hamburgers we are going to cook today are a 6-servings meal. It is very easy to make and does not need any special ingredients or equipment. So, if you have 30 minutes of your time, spend it on cooking this easy and delicious weed edible. The best way to cook weed hamburgers is to grill them; however, you can simply fry them. Are you ready? Let us see what we need.

Equipment Needed


Large mixing bowl

Pair of tongs

Paper towels

Thermometer (optional)


1 pound beef (ground)

1 gram marijuana (cleaned and ground into powder)

1 garlic

1 onion

1 egg yolk

2 tomatoes

6 burger buns

6 cheese slices

Lettuce leaves




Salt (to taste)

Pepper (to taste)


  1. Preheat the grill to medium heat.
  2. Take a large mixing bowl and fill it with beef.
  3. Chop garlic and onion and put them into the mixing bowl.
  4. Add ground marijuana and egg yolk to the meat and combine the mixture with the help of your hands. A tip here: Try to mix as thoroughly as possible.
  5. Divide the beef mass into 6 equal balls.
  6. Place the meat balls onto a clean kitchen surface.
  7. Flatten the balls into ¾-inch patties. A tip here: Make sure all patties have the same thickness.
  8. Use your thumb to make a shallow well in the top of each meat patty. It will prevent them from overplumping.
  9. Then, sprinkle the meat patties with salt and pepper to taste.
  10. Oil the grill grate with the help of a pair of tongs and paper towels. A tip here: Be very attentive not to burn yourself. Do not use a cooking oil spray to avoid a flare-up.
  11. Place the beef patties on the grill grates with the shallow wells facing up. A tip here: Grill them for 4-5 minutes if you would like them to be medium-well. The patties should easily release from the grate.
  12. Once the beef patties are done on one side, flip them and cook for 4-5 more minutes. A tip here: Do not press or flatten the meat patties.
  13. In case you are not sure if the meat is ready, you can use a thermometer to check the temperature of each patty. If it shows approximately 155 degrees or more, the meat is ready.
  14. Wash lettuce and tomatoes.
  15. Halve the burger buns.
  16. Slice the tomatoes as thin as possible.
  17. Take one half of the burger bun and cover it with mayonnaise.
  18. Place a lettuce leaf on top and cover it with a couple of tomato slices.
  19. Put a beef patty on the tomatoes.
  20. Cover the patty with ketchup.
  21. Place a cheese slice over the ketchup.
  22. Cover the burger with the second half of the burger bun.
  23. Do the same for the five remaining hamburgers.

Now your incredibly tasty and potent dinner is ready! We are sure you will like it. Do not forget that the hamburgers you cooked are marijuana-infused and should be consumed responsibly. Enjoy your meal and have a nice high!