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Apr 13, 2016 8:45 AM

Recipe: How to Make Crock Pot Cannabutter at Home

Of course, properly made cannabis-infused butter, or simply cannabutter, that you can find at dispensaries is more than good, but you can also make some basic cannabutter all by yourself at home. The recipe is not really difficult, but do not expect it to be as simple as fried eggs either. The most painful thing in making cannabutter is waiting. Oh, yes, you can watch the whole season of “Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones,” and your special meal will be still cooking. But it is definitely worth waiting, so do not give up without even trying.

Crock Pot Cannabutter

What you need

So, for the first stage of cooking cannabutter, you will need a crock pot (a slow cooker), some butter (choose real butter, it works better than margarine), some water, and marijuana buds. For the second stage, find a large pot, a strainer, a piece of cheesecloth (available at big grocery stores in the department for baking or canning), and a plastic storage container with a lid.

The amount of butter and buds depends on the size of your crock pot and the result you want to get. It is not really important how much of the ingredients you use as long as you follow the proportion: for every pound of butter, you should take either one ounce of trim or a quarter of an ounce of bud. So, if you are going to use 4 lbs. of butter, you should take 4 oz. of trim or 1 oz. of bud.
The final result depends on how strong your weed is, so if you want it stronger, then you need to increase the amount of buds, and if the result is too concentrated, just add some more butter. But usually, this proportion works quite good for the majority of strains.

The first part

To start your magic cooking, you need to fill the crock pot with 4 cups of water, all the butter, and all the weed you are going to use. The amount of water is not really important, you just need all the weed in your pot to be wet, so stir it properly. Put on the cover and set the temperature to low.

This is very important: do not increase the heat, remain it low. If you set it higher, the product may be spoiled, as the THC will simply be ruined by the heat, and you will get the butter with zero potency. So, stay patient. We would recommend you to set 200F―250F.

In about an hour, the butter will melt completely, and the bud will not look crispy anymore. This is the time when you need to stir the mixture once again and leave it for a long, long time. How long? It can be 12 hours, it can be even 24 hours. Yes, that long. And do not forget to stir it once in a while.

What is going on during this time?

THC and CBD components are soluble in fat (but not water). The butter absorbs all the herbal ingredients in the mix, that is why it finally turns from yellow to green. But to release the active components of marijuana, you need to moisten it with water.

That is why by the end of the (never-ending) cooking, you will still have a mix of weed, water, and cannabutter. And your last task will be to separate them.

The second part

Here you will need to take a pot, put a strainer and a cheesecloth over it. Carefully pour the mix onto the strainer so that all the weed remains in the cheese cloth while the liquid passes through it and stays in the pot.

After this, you may leave your mix to sit for about half an hour and then squeeze out all the liquid from the mix. Be very careful, as the mix is extremely hot, and it is way too easy to get burned. Do not touch neither the weed nor the cannabutter with your fingers. Use a spoon or tongues. Remember, every drop is precious, so leave no butter inside the cloth.

Once you are done, you can throw the weed away. Now there is no use of it anymore, all the magic components of marijuana are now in your green butter mix.

To separate the cannabutter from water, pour the mix into a plastic container, cover it with a lid (if you do not cover the container, the smell will spread all over your fridge and your kitchen). Now put the container in the fridge for three or more hours. Do not put it in the freezer!

Enjoy the homemade cannabutter

After a few hours in the fridge, the butter with all the cannabis elements in it will get solid, while the water will go down to the bottom of the container.

Now, you may take out your butter layer out of the container and pour all the water out into the sink. You may use a knife to cut your cannabutter out, or simply crease the plastic container so that the butter separates from the edges.

You may store your cannabutter like regular butter in a fridge. Optionally, you may melt it again and put it in some smaller containers, or use it directly as it is for baking and cooking. Bon appetit!