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Mar 13, 2017 12:05 PM

Recommendations on Microdosing Edibles

Cannabis-infused edibles are a recent trend in the world of stoners. More and more companies focus on creating products with various THC contents. People are eager to try them or make those fun brownies themselves. However, choosing the right dosage is not a trivial task that can be neglected.

Cannabis-infused Edibles

Whether you are buying ready-to-use products or cooking something yourself, there is always a danger of consuming too much weed. To avoid the accidents that were common at the beginning of edibles' popularity, the industry officials are working hard to educate people on the matter of consumption limits. Besides, to make the process a little easier for consumers, many companies follow the rule “less is better.” These products with low amounts of THC allow people to microdose.

Cooking Homemade Weed Edibles: How to Calculate THC Dosage
Cooking Homemade Weed Edibles: How to Calculate THC Dosage
Marijuana-infused edibles gain popularity every day. Head shops and dispensaries today have a lot to offer, starting from weed-infused snacks and cakes right down to sauces, beverages, and alcoholic drinks. While there are a lot of patients who prefer buying edibles at the head shops

The whole concept of microdosing initially gained popularity among medical patients who had to take their medicine in small doses to avoid side effects. Later, it became acclaimed in the recreational market as well. People wanted to be able to enjoy the taste and the relaxing properties of weed edibles without getting too high. Microdosing is a gift for everybody who wishes to get a smooth euphoria that comes gradually instead of hitting like a rock.

Such Californian companies as Kiva and W!NK are among the leaders of the microdose edibles market. They both understand the danger of eating edibles that are too potent and the disastrous effect just one unfortunate experience can have.

Edible Producers See Future Success in Microdosing
Edible Producers See Future Success in Microdosing
At the 2016 New West Summit in San Francisco, California, manufacturers of weed edibles have come to the conclusion that less marijuana in pot products will make users happier.

According to the experienced producers at Kiva, we all should follow three simple rules of microdosing.

Minimum Dose

The first step that you should make on your way to enjoying infused edibles is to determine your tolerance level. All of us require different doses. That is why so many people have bad first encounters with these products. While your friends consider themselves experts in cannabis and advise to you start with their usual doses, it may be too much for you.

It is a common recommendation to consume 10 mg of THC on your first time. However, to minimize all risks, you should start with small 2.5 mg products. Then, you can try consuming more THC until you find the perfect amount.

Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Consume Responsibly: 4 Tips for Finding Right Dose of Weed Edibles
Some people may think that marijuana edibles were created rather for the recreational cannabis users who consume weed to get high and have some fun than for those who use the plant as a medication.

Finding you minimal effective dose (MED) is the most crucial thing about eating pot edibles.

No Side Effects

Many of us have already had at least one bad experience with weed, and this is exactly the thing that can spoil all the fun in the future. A great thing about microdosing is that you cannot get severe side effects from using 2.5 mg of THC. It is a safety measure that prevents such an overwhelming impact as paranoia, nausea, disorientation, or passing out.

Just stick to the first rule of MED, and your relationship with weed will be friendly.


Another important thing about microdosing and edibles in general is taking into account the time they take to make you high. Unlike smoking and vaping, oral consumption means that THC is digested through your stomach and not inhaled. That is why it requires more time to put you into the desired state. It can take up to two hours for you to start feeling the effects.

In this aspect, microdosing is like snacking. You eat one or two cookies, wait for them to start working, then you eat a couple more if the high is not strong enough for you.

All in all, microdosing is the perfect option for those who are only at the start of their edibles experience and for those who want a subtle relaxing high.