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Jun 16, 2016 9:15 AM

Recreational Dispensary Alternative: Visit First Cannabis-Friendly Bed & Breakfast

Sleep, eat, and smoke—it is our common dream to do nothing but these three things. And now, you can enjoy all of them in America's first cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast. Visit North Fork 53 for the most pleasurable experience in your life. Here, you can relax and escape all your routine problems. Now, instead of buying dispensary marijuana, you can visit this B&B and have a mini-vacation for yourself.

Following the opening of the first cannabis-friendly resort camp in Colorado, Oregon's bed and breakfast North Fork 53 is also ready for weed-loving visitors.

Colorado’s First Cannabis-Friendly Camp Opening This July
Colorado’s First Cannabis-Friendly Camp Opening This July
Colorado is a state where consumption of marijuana has been legal since 2012. However, the citizens of the state can still only smoke weed and enjoy marijuana-infused edibles at home and on their private property but not in public.

North Fork 53 is the first bed and breakfast that is open to marijuana enthusiasts. The place serves delicious food, provides a comfortable bed, and gives you an opportunity to sit in a cozy chair smoking your favorite strain while enjoying a picturesque view. This B&B is a small place that is situated only 20 minutes away from the Oregon coast.

The resort is everything that a modern nature-oriented person can wish for: it offers a healthy organic diet, promotes a responsible interaction with the environment, and is located amidst the beautiful nature where you can enjoy the singing of birds and fresh air. Although the place is rather small—only four acres—it has its own organic mini-farm and a herb garden.

If you are an active person, you can visit special seminars and gathering classes that are devoted to living in peace with nature. Besides, what can be better than cooking something delicious for your munchies yourself? Here, you can visit cooking lessons and learn something new about edibles.

The personnel of North Fork 53 is professional and friendly. Every one of them lives in peace with nature, has great experience interacting with weed, and provides you with the best service.

However, what really makes this bed and breakfast special is its “Coastal Cannabis Package.” This package is designed to make your stay at this place even more enjoyable. 100 dollars per two adults will add a set of legal cannabis and 404 accessories to the regular package. North Fork 53 provides two organic strains that are locally grown, rolling paper, a grinder, a lighter, and a Pax 2 vaporizer if you prefer vaping.

Best of all, the package is even designed for in-room use. However, if you prefer smoking outside, you can take a joint with you and enjoy the coastal landscape at the special cannabis-friendly areas. Being a bed and breakfast, the place serves delicious meals for your breakfast. However, the homestead is special in this aspect as well. A three-course breakfast is specifically designed to complement those marijuana strains that you receive in your Coastal Cannabis Package. And again, like everything else at this resort, the meals are also organic.

North Fork 53 will make sure that your bed is comfortable, breakfast is healthy, and marijuana is top-notch. Even if you are inexperienced in cannabis use, the stuff of this cozy place will help you and answer all your questions to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.