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Jul 27, 2017 12:05 PM

Self-Loading Vaporizer Vs. Pre-Filled Cartridge Vaporizer

The market of marijuana paraphernalia is developing quickly, and a beginner can easily get lost in the wide range of cannabis vaporizers. If you have trouble deciding between a pre-filled cartridge vaporizer and a self-loading one, this article will help you make the right choice.

Are Vaporizers Really Worth Buying?
Are Vaporizers Really Worth Buying?
Are vaporizers really as popular as the media makes you believe? Are they really the best way of consuming marijuana? Read our article and find the answers.

Pre-Filled Cartridge Vaporizer

Vape pens with pre-filled cartridges are now on top of their popularity. These vaporizers already have cartridges full of marijuana extract, so they are ready to use at any time you want. Almost all devices have pre-installed 510 threaded batteries that can be easily charged.

Pre-filled cartridges contain cannabis extracts with a defined percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes. Most producers ensure high quality of their pot concentrates that are certified by reputable testing laboratories. However, there are some drawbacks that you should take into account before choosing pre-filled cartridges.

In order to preserve the quality of cannabis extracts, producers add propylene glycol. Unfortunately, when you begin to use the cartridge, the high temperature converts the chemical into acetaldehyde and formaldehyde. These two elements are considered dangerous for people's health and can lead to lung diseases and cancer.

Besides, the cartridges themselves can also cause harm to marijuana consumers. Most cartridges are made out of low-quality materials that can include dangerous compounds such as titanium coils, plastic, or silica wick.

The price of these cartridges is certainly very affordable. However, high temperatures cause the cartridge to emit chemicals, which can change the flavor of the marijuana extract and produce a metallic taste. Needless to say that these cartridges are extremely dangerous for your health.

6 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Vape
6 Tips for Choosing a Perfect Vape
​There are plenty of ways to consume cannabis. Even if you are a beginner smoker, you have definitely heard of vaporizing. At first glance, it might seem really tricky; however, vaping can give you unforgettable emotions and feelings. Below are a few tips on choosing your perfect vape and using it for the first time.

Self-Loading Vaporizer

The main distinction of self-loading vaporizers is that consumers have to load them with their own marijuana extracts. This type of vape pens also has interchangeable batteries. However, before using this accessory, you need to fill it manually. Not all marijuana users find it convenient, but these vaporizers have their advantages.

First of all, you can use the cannabis concentrates you like and change them as often as you want. There is no need to smoke a full cartridge of a single marijuana strain. Besides, you can load your vape pen with expensive or cheap extracts depending on your budget. The smell of vapor is not distorted by additional flavors of the cartridge materials.

In addition, you can eliminate the risk of intoxication with propylene glycol, which is important for people who take care of their health. Just use the wax extracts that do not require any dilution and can be used in raw form.

However, self-loading vaporizers tend to cost more than the pre-filled ones, but you can always find the one that suits your needs and budget on the market. Do your own research, and you will find the best value for an affordable price.

Thus, you should pay attention to the quality of a vape pen, as well as the quality of marijuana extracts and cartridges if you are concerned about your health and budget.

How to Choose High-Quality Vaporizer?
How to Choose High-Quality Vaporizer?
The range of cannabis accessories is so fast-growing today that it is very hard for weed consumers to keep up with the latest trends. The great variety of vaporizers can easily confuse even the most seasoned tokers.
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