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Nov 3, 2016 12:25 PM

Sensational Cannabis Inhaler Appears on Market

The number of cannabis enthusiasts is rapidly growing in all legal states. Thus, the methods of weed consumption are also evolving: you can either choose a classical joint or a vaporizer, a luxury bong or a delicious edible to get high. The innovative products and creative devices for marijuana lovers can be really stunning. Below you can find information about one of the most wanted novelties in the cannabis industry: Vapen Clear, the first weed inhaler!

Sensational Cannabis Inhaler Appears on Market

Vapen Clear looks like a classical inhaler. It also works the same, but it does not need albuterol. It packs 10 mg of THC per puff, which is about 100 puffs per cartridge. The main difference between this inhaler and a classical vaporizer is that Vapen Clear does not heat THC: it uses a propellant to take the treatment directly to your lungs.

Vapen Clear has three different versions depending on your favorite strain. The “Daytime” inhaler works best with the THC from energetic sativa strains, while the “Nighttime” is better suited for relaxing and chilling indicas. The “Afternoon” inhaler is great for the hybrids of the two.

Vapen Clear has a range of awesome benefits. The first one is its discreetness. When people see you using an inhaler, they think about asthma, not weed. So, the chances to face someone’s hostility are slim. Moreover, Vapen Clear has almost no smell and is easy to take with you: just drop it into your pocket and go wherever you need. Do not worry about batteries, lighters or any other additional accessories: Vapen Clear is ready for use!