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Apr 29, 2016 8:00 AM

Sensi Star: Grow Report

It is one of the most potent and beautiful strains that has won ten awards during the last 21 years. That is what made it one of the most popular indica strains all over the world. If you are up to growing this treasure all by yourself, here you can find a few tips we would like to share.

Sensi Star: Grow Report

Origin and genetics

As it often happens to the strains that were bred more than twenty years ago, the exact genetics of Sensi Star (as well as its sister Critical Sensi Star) is unknown. However, we can suggest that of the parents belongs to the Afghani strains due to its high THC level, and the other parent strain could be some sativa-dominant hybrid the traces of which you can feel in the high effect after smoking Sensi Star.

The strain was introduced into the market back in 1995 and quickly became one of the most popular and available weed products due to its outstanding characteristics and incredible potency. In 1999, the strain won the highest cannabis award: The High Times Cannabis Cup. Then, the plant started its triumphal procession winning one prize after another, including Plant of the Year 2003 in High Times magazine and Plant of the Year 2010 in Soft Secrets magazine.

Growing from seeds

Whenever it comes to the weed you buy and the seeds of the same strain, you usually cannot expect to have the same product as they get in the farms. The secret is not in some chemicals they use or different genetics of the plants; the thing is that farmers mostly use clones instead of seeds. They take the most potent and “successful” samples and layer them so that the whole garden can have guaranteed properties.

We decided to check what will grow from the pack of seeds to find out whether the strain's properties are stabilized and whether it is possible to get the same buds as you can find in a dispensary.

Ten seeds from the package were placed in small peat pots. We provided them with fine seedling soil, 18 hours of daily LED light, 75-82 F during the daytime, and 65 F at night. Only one seed could not sprout, the rest looked quite good and started to grow very quickly.

Seven days after the germination, all nine plants were placed in bigger pots (we chose 6 l pots) with special soils that contained an average level of nutrients, as this strain does not like to be “overfed.”

Flowering state

By the end of the fourth week, we reduced the light time to 12 hours. All nine plants were growing quite homogeneously, so by that time the difference between the shortest and the tallest plants was merely 5 in; the tallest plant reached the height of 22 in.

Like a typical indica, the Sensi Star strain appears to be a tall plant with dark-green leaves and a moderately bushy form.

Ten days after they started to flower, our plants revealed themselves as five females and four males. Within a few days, the plants became covered with white resin (that is the reason why the strain is sometimes called a “white strain”). Week after week, more resin appeared, so in 18 days, the buds were dense and covered with white all over. They scattered fragrance of lemon and mint, which is quite unique for a marijuana strain.

The result

By the end of the flowering period, the plants were 25-30 in high, very similar to each other. They could be mistaken for clones, as they provided quite the same amount of yield with the same effect and potency.

The vegetative state lasted for 24 days, the flowering period took approximately 60 days (57-62 days). All plants were watered by hand without letting the soil get dry. We tried to be very careful with the fertilizers, so we chose the mild ones for every stage and added a flower stimulator in week six.

Every plant brought us about one ounce of dry yield (from 0.78 oz to 1.1 oz), which is a nice harvest, especially considering the fairly small size of the plants and the fact that they were raised from seeds.

When smoked, Sensi Star provided a nice and strong cerebral effect that lasted for hours, which is not surprising since the tests usually show a THC level of up to 22 percent. This strain is considered to able to help patients who suffer from different mood and sleep disorders and need to alleviate body pain. Indeed, this weed provides a strong body sensation; it is relaxing and energetic.

We find it best to consume Sensi Star after a long day to have time to enjoy all the details of the flavor and effect of the strain.

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