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Apr 27, 2017 12:05 PM

Sigur Ros and Lord Jones Present Cannabis-Infused Gummies

The best way to make your name in the U.S. today is to involve yourself in the cannabis culture. Many celebrities admit their love for weed, and most of them are not judged for it. Yet another weed revelation was made by an Icelandic band Sigur Ros.

Credit: Lord Jones

Most Ardent Marijuana Supporters Among Musicians
Most Ardent Marijuana Supporters Among Musicians
If you are a happy resident of the state that legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical use, it would be interesting for you to know who of the famous musicians supported the cannabis movement with their money and popularity.

This post-rock band has been rather popular lately. Though it was formed back in 1994, the world looked at Sigur Ros from a new perspective in 2012 when it returned after a hiatus. Today, the band is known for their ethereal sound—the tunes that captivate you and seem to take you away to other worlds. Any song of this Icelandic miracle gives you chills.

Recently, the group has announced a collaboration with a major cannabis brand Lord Jones. This team worked on a special limited edition of cannabis-infused gumdrops “Wild Sigurberry.” The band was inspired by the magnificent flavors of their native foraged berries. In addition to the delicious taste, these gumdrops give you a pleasant high. The producers decided to create five different variations of the treat depending on the cannabinoids dosage. There are sigurberries infused with five, ten, and fifteen milligrams of THC, a pure CBD option, and a combination of both cannabinoids in a 5:1 CBD:THC ratio. Choose your kind of the treat and enjoy the effects.

The product is packed in beautiful blue boxes with a Sigur Ros crest on them. The package is very stylish and catchy. Each one contains nine yummies. You can buy the THC-infused versions online for 40 dollars per box. The pure CBD product is available nationwide. The delivery is conducted exclusively through the Lord Jones website. In addition to the online shop, Wild Sigurberries will be offered in a few dispensaries in California.

On April 18, the band hosted a sound bath in Hollywood. Some attendants had an opportunity to sample the treats and were fascinated with the delicious taste. The event was so popular that the tickets were sold out a week before it.

The new collaboration will surely bring many new stoner fans to the band because their songs are perfect for relaxing weed sessions.